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Zurich Airport Terminals

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Stopover at Zurich Airport, Switzerland

Zurich Airport priority lanes on the left. Zurich Airport priority lanes. The walk from check-in to security took no more than 2 minutes and security itself only took 10 minutes to clear, so I was soon airside. Once I cleared security I found myself in a small duty free area that looked like every other duty free area you find in Europe and, once I taken the 15 second walk through that, I was in the main terminal area.

Zurich Airport. After going down the first set of escalators I decided to ignore the second set leading down to the train and, instead, decided take a look around that level of the terminal. I ignored the escalators in this picture and it worked out well. The level I now found myself on had a lot more shops mostly high-end and there were a quite a few people milling about:.

As I was walking around I saw a set of elevators leading to the shuttle train so, rather than back tracking and taking the escalators, I used these to go down the final level…. Also, be careful which immigration line you get into if you have an EU passport. The EU line is a lot faster — I was through in around 10 minutes while others, traveling on their US passports, took at least twice as long. Zurich Airport shuttle train. Sign in. Log into your account. Forgot your password? Arrivals at Zurich Airport can also take metro trains, which link the airport with the city via S-Bahn trains lines S2 and S There are two terminal buildings, namely Terminal A, where mainly European routes and international TWA flights are processed and Terminal B, where not only charter flights are being handled but all other international flights not taken care of by Terminal A.

Arrivals at Zurich Airport who have made advance bookings for car hire will find the major car rental companies located at the Car Hire Center in the Airport Center on Level 1. Zurich Airport arrivals with a taxi or chauffeur driven limousine requirement will find there is a rank located in front of Arrival Halls 1 and 2. The cost for a single journey into Zurich city center will be around EUR Taxi reservations can be made by telephoning 41 Limousine services can be found at curb side Arrival 1, where companies such as Alliance Limousines, Airport Taxi and Chauffeur Drive Limousine Services have their stations.

The latter also offers minibuses with a driver to arrivals at Zurich Airport, who travel in a group. At the Airport Center passengers will find award winning dining facilities in a variety of snack bars, restaurants and cafes. Shopping is also taken care of with anything from grocery and supermarket stores, fashion outlets, watches, sunglasses and other accessories and jewelry being offered as well as electronics and mobile phones.

Arrivals at Zurich Airport who need assistance should head to the information desks, where assistance with onward travel and free hotel booking services can be found. For more information about Zurich Airport arrivals, please visit the official airport website at www. An IDP is a requirement to drive or rent a car in many foreign countries. It is also a United Nations regulated travel document for your safety and ease of travel. Avoid additional stress whilst on your travels Airline Germania Flug Swiss.

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There are lots of places for information enquries. Explore our zurich airport terminals to sleeping in Zurich airport terminals Airport zurich airport terminals read zurich airport terminals traveller airport reviews for more zurich airport terminals. Another issue that planners had completely pet scan advantages until then was the aircraft noise. These are not the only airlines that make use of zurich airport terminals Zurich Airport. Retrieved 19 Zurich airport terminals Days: tours zurich airport terminals individuals depart on Zurich airport terminals, Saturdays and Sundays. Zurich airport terminals Fare Deals.