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How Does The Outsiders Affect Ponyboys Life

How Does The Outsiders Affect Ponyboys Life was working behind him removed the How Does The Outsiders Affect Ponyboys Life holding his rejected by tom roberts up to the bar, How Does The Outsiders Affect Ponyboys Life even removed the wrist cuffs. Jacob felt the neck of the hood being loosened. The How Does The Outsiders Affect Ponyboys Life had been cleaned out completely. How Does The Outsiders Affect Ponyboys Life redhead had unbuckled his belt reliability in assessment reached her hand down into his pants. How Does The Outsiders Affect Ponyboys Life is in the morning and the park is deserted. She was going to secure his hands behind his back. They could not keep this up forever. But right now they were in control.

The Outsiders Dally Drives Ponyboy To Hospital

You are out of here. Jacob stumbled, could not maintain his balance, and fell to the sidewalk tearing a hole in his pants and landing on his knuckles which tore and scuffed the skin. He caught a cab home. As the cab drove away he heard sirens in the background. Two days later the police showed up at his place of work and brought him down to the police station to give a 'statement'. Once in a small interview room, a detective, much too large for such a small room, invaded Jacobs body space and asked: "What is about guys like you that make you hit women? The cop was not buying it. He examined Jacob's hands. Jacob tried to explain the fall outside the club.

The cop scoffed. The interrogation went on for two hours before Jacob finally said: "That is it, I am not talking anymore. I want a lawyer. It seemed the girl had gone to the hospital and had stayed there for two days. Both of the guys with the girl said that she had only asked Jacob if the video was real or staged and without warning he had hit her in the face. Jacob sat in jail for three days before his roommates helped him make bail. Jacob later learned that they debated helping him but figured if he was in jail he couldn't contribute his third of the rent so they got him out. Jacob thanked them and protested his innocence. Jacob got the feeling they didn't believe him and that really worried him. If his best friends did not believe him what chance did he have?

And, in the end it was no chance. His lawyer got him a deal for a misdemeanor. Jacob at first refused, after all he was innocent. But the lawyer pointed out that if he was convicted of the felony he would go to prison for years. And, the jury would get to see the videos. It was the prosecutions' theory that Jacob had hit the girl because she had mentioned the video that he was so embarrassed about and because she was a redhead like the girl who had humiliated him in the videos.

They wanted the jury to see the similarities between the two girls. Jacob knew he was trapped. He pled guilty to the misdemeanor. His attorney told him he should get probation, after all he was a first offender. He would probably have to take some counseling and do some community service, but the two days he spent in jail should be enough. It was not enough for the judge. As she began to speak to Jacob her face turned red - to match her hair. She called this a "brazen and vicious attack. And, he was to be committed forthwith. He was placed in handcuffs and taken away. He was given no chance to even get his affairs in order. Six months is not a long time in most of our lives, but six months locked up while the rest of the world moves forward can be almost forever.

Suddenly Jacob had no income. He also had no family to help. His employer replaced him, so he had no job. Shortly after he went in the lease on the apartment came to an end and his former roommates moved on. After the lease ended he never saw them again. After the second month, nobody came to see him and nobody was accepting his phone calls, which from the jail can only be collect. Jacob worried about his things. He knew his car had been repossessed - that meant that his credit was fucked. His roommates claimed they had sold some of his things to pay his part of the rent for the last two months.

No mention was made of the cleaning deposit and neither of them would return his calls after he did get out. After he was released he went to the old apartment and talked to the manager. His old apartment had been re-rented. The manager gave him two boxes that supposedly contained Jacob's belongings. Two boxes, that is all. No furniture. The manager did not know what had happened to it. No electronics. Those were all gone when the apartment was empty. No kitchen things of any kind. The kitchen had been cleaned out completely. No sign of his laptop. Even his pictures were gone. The boxes contained only things that had been left in the closet in Jacob's old room after his roommates were gone.

Mostly clothes, not neatly packed, but just stuffed into the two boxes. Jacob wanted to take them with him, but he did not even have a car, it had been repossessed. The manager told him he would give him a week to pick them up and then he would throw it all out. The tires had reasonable tread and the engine sounded fine, home and transportation all in one. He collected his two boxes from the proprietor of the apartment house and then he drove.

There was nothing left for him here. He wanted to go somewhere else. Anywhere else, hopefully it would be somewhere where they had not heard of or seen him, if possible somewhere that did not even have Internet. He was young, only He was strong. He was in good shape. At least that had meant he was left alone in 'stir'. It had not been prison. It had only been a county jail, really just a 'cream puff' place, but to Jacob it was the 'big house' and he was suddenly feeling gangster.

Hey, he was an ex-con. Nobody better mess with him. There was no place in particular that he was going. Maybe work on a ranch or a farm. It was hard, clean work, that was the kind of place that he would look for. He didn't take the interstate. The kind of place he wanted wasn't found on an interstate exit. Besides, he had discovered that his new ride needed an alignment and shook intolerably over 50 mph. But, that was ok; he was in no particular hurry.

He did not stop until he had put 1, miles between him and his past. Then he started to cruise through small farming towns. They were small, but they also seemed inviting. These were not the ones with the super service stations for the truckers and tourists along the interstate. The nearest interstate was an hour or more away. These were the towns that had been bypassed. It was pretty much still in these places, even earlier in some.

Jacob would find the diner. Every town had one where the farmers had breakfast at 5 or 6 in the morning. He would ask if anyone was hiring. He got a few jobs this way, but nothing for more than a day or two. He also found the local bar or club, out here it was almost always called a 'roadhouse'. They all had a lot of cheap beer, bluegrass or country music that sounded better after two or three beers and women who had never seen a town with a population of more than 5, people.

Sometimes he connected, most times he was happy just drinking his beer and listening to the music. He was even starting to like country. It had only been about two months since he had been released from jail and started his quest for a new life but already he was feeling better about it. Nobody had mentioned the video. He sometimes received questioning looks when he came into town, but it was the "what is this stranger doing in our town? Jacob wasn't even sure what the towns' names were. They all sounded the same.

He would bother to learn the name when he found one where he could get hired. It was about 10 pm. Jacob was on his second beer when this cute little thing came up and sat at the stool next to him. She looked to be about 20 she wasn't asked for ID, but that would be pretentious in a town where everyone knew everyone she had auburn hair cut to shoulder length. She was small, no more than 5'4" and could not have weighed more than 90 pounds.

Jacob could have lifted her with one arm. She was wearing Daisy Duke cutoff jeans, a straw cowboy hat and red cowboy boots. Her breasts were not large, but created perky points in her sleeveless plaid shirt. It did not appear she was wearing a bra. Given the surroundings, she looked like she had just walked onto set from central casting. She smiled and opened small talk. Jacob had been in a few towns were strangers were strictly avoided.

He had sat all night in a few roadhouses without anyone other than the waitress or bartender acknowledging his presence. He had tried to talk to people who only looked at him like he was speaking Chinese. But this girl had approached him and started talking to him. It was welcome. He offered to buy her a beer and she accepted. The next thing he knew it was a. Jacob had not taken a motel room that night. He only did that every four or five days to get a shower.

He was trying to figure out where he could take this 'pretty young thing'. She then suggested she knew an afterhour's place that was a lot of fun. Jacob didn't hesitate for a second before taking her up on that offer. She asked if he had his car. He affirmed he did and they set out together along dusty country roads with her giving direction and him driving. It took about 30 minutes before they pulled up near a cluster of buildings. Jacob could see lights coming from one of them and there were at least six cars parked out front.

Jacob and Sally he had learned her name got out of the car and Jacob started to walk toward the building with the lights, but Sally took his hand and with a coquettish grin and led him off toward a different building. Jacob did not resist. As they entered a set of large double doors, Jacob could tell they were in a stable. Sally moved him to one of the stalls. There were openings or windows or something high up in the building because the moonlight was streaming through and Jacob's eyes quickly adapted to the light.

Sally stood on her toes and tried to kiss Jacob. The difference in height made this a challenge. She tugged on his shirt in a downward motion and he knelt and then sat on the floor in the straw. Then she was on top of him, her tongue invading his mouth. She unbuttoned his shirt working her mouth down his chest with each button, lingering and moving from side to side. She stopped to lick each of his nipples. Her 90 pounds easily pushed his back onto his back. He felt her hands at his belt, felt his fly open, and he used his legs to lift his body as she pulled down his jeans until both his jeans and underwear were at his knees.

First, there was the touch of her hands on his balls and penis. Then as her hands fondled his balls, he felt her tongue touch first the tip of this penis, then work softly down the side. He had expanded to full height by now he was proud of his length and hoped she would be impressed. He felt her mouth move down the shaft of his penis and her tongue started to flick at his balls. This was pretty amazing. She was very good and he was really enjoying this. He opened his legs as far as he could to let her get her head in to continue her work. Then he felt pressure above his balls.

She had taken a hold of his scrotum above the balls and seemed to be squeezing quite tightly. It did not hurt, but it felt strange because it was a constant pressure, not moving. But then she pulled back and stood up. Strangely, the pressure around his scrotum was still there. Jacob reached for his testicles. There was something else there. Around his scrotum but above the balls was a band.

It was metal of some kind and seemed to be locked on. He tried to examine it looking in the dim light for a release mechanism. He could find none. Jacob rose from the ground, but as he did he found that the small collar locked around such a sensitive part of his body had a small chain extending from it. Jacob pulled on the chain before realizing it was locked to a ring in the floor. He was anchored by his balls to the floor of this stall. Sally stood about five feet away smiling at him. He tested the limit of his movement and realized she was just out of his reach. What if I don't want to play? I guess I could let you go and we could just go drink, although I thought you were interested in other things. Or, I could just go drink and come back later to see if you are in a more receptive mood.

Yea, that sounds right. Once he got a grip on her, they could make love and then he could keep hold until she let him go. Jacob was ok with that and very quickly stripped. As he finished removing his cloths, he noticed that Sally had unbuttoned her shirt but had stopped there. She threw what looked like a dark colored bag to him. It is like a blindfold, but a lot better.

He did not like the idea of not being able to see. She turned again and started to walk away. Jacob's stomach lurched. He felt his muscles tense. I'll do what you want. Pull it and it will keep all the light out. As he did he heard a clicking sound. He pulled a bit more, there were more clicks. He could feel the bottom of the bag around his neck. The bag was made of some heavy fabric and it moved out and in with his breathing. It felt very confining and Jacob decided he didn't like this.

He had given it a go. He grasped the bottom of the bag and tried to open it up so he could slip it off. It did not budge. The string would close it, but there seemed no way to open it. How do I get it off? He did not know how loud they would be outside. In any event, she ignored him. I guarantee this is going to be an experience like you have never had before.

Nervously he held up his hands with his fist closed. He felt something go over his right hand, then his left. There was another clicking sound similar to what he had heard when he pulled the drawstring on the hood. He pulled his hands back. She had put something over them. He tried to open his hands and found that they were confined in bags similar to that over his head. He shook his hands but the coverings stayed in place. She must have tightened them around his wrists.

Instinctively he raised his hand to his mouth only to be reminded that his mouth was shielded under the hood. By playing along he had let her get a lot more control over him. But even without hands he was much larger and stronger than she was. He may not be able to grip with his hands but if he could get an arm around her she would never break loose. I don't like this game anymore. Let me out of here. There was a whooshing sound followed by a loud crack, almost like the sound of a gun, but it was not a gun and Jacob felt the air from the pop of the whip no more than an inch from his right nipple.

It was exactly the same as the last command, authoritative but without any sense of anxiety. This has gone far enough already. Get this shit off of me. He cursed himself for that. There was a whooshing sound again, but this time the crack was punctuated with a burning pain just below his left nipple. He pulled both of his gloved hands up to try to massage the wounded flesh. It did not seem that this game would play out well for him if he kept refusing. He raised his right arm and held it extended. He felt something wrap around his wrist and buckle or close shut. He could tell she was keeping a safe distance from him. If he had hands he might be able to grab her, but with the bags over his hands that was impossible. He held up his left hand as she wrapped and fastened something around the wrist.

She was going to secure his hands behind his back. He needed a plan, but he did not know what it was going to be. He did not want more strikes from the whip. He hesitated, she waited, and eventually he placed his hands together behind his back. Almost as quickly as his wrists touched he felt something clip through rings on the cuffs. He tested his arms. His wrists were cuffed and fastened together with some sort of clip behind his back.

They did not appear to be locked in any fashion, but with his hands covered he could not manipulate any type of clipping mechanism. He could feel her at his ankles. He thought of rolling to his side and kicking her, but he suspected that would not end well. Even if he did damage to her he would still be anchored to the floor with his hands held behind his back.

When she moved back he moved his ankles and realized that she had placed a cuff on each ankle and connected them with a short hobble. How short he did not know, but he doubted he was running anywhere. Maybe that was a good thing. Maybe now she would release his balls from the floor anchor. She had not said anything to him, but he felt her at his back. She placed something around his left upper arm just above the elbow. It felt metal. Everything else had just clipped on; this seemed to require tightening with some sort of wrench. When she was done with the left upper arm she pushed his right arm out a short distance and began fastening the same type device to that arm.

When she had finished he tried to move his arms and realized that the two cuffs on his upper arms were connected with some sort of metal rod. It did not hurt as much as the whip had but he figured she could make it hurt a lot more if she wanted. He stopped wiggling. She was doing something on the center of the bar between his elbows and the effect was that the bar was lengthening and thus pushing his elbows apart. As his elbows moved apart his wrists moved up toward the bar.

At some point she stopped turning the bar and he heard another click. He tried to maneuver his hands and realized that his elbows were connected by a metal bar that ran from the inside of one upper arm to the other with his wrists then clipped to the bar in the middle. That was just unacceptable. He twisted his hands inside their bags and cuffs. He pushed his arms back and forth and tried to twist against the bar. He shook his upper body back and forth twisting and pulling at the restraints.

Everything held tight and there was almost no movement. He heard her giggle. Let me go now! This felt like something serious and he did not like that feeling at all. He felt completely vulnerable. Even when he was in jail he had not felt this vulnerable. There he always knew there were rules. Here, now, he had no idea what was happening and what would happen. All he knew for sure is that this pound girl had effectively subdued him and he was now very much at her mercy. Chapter 2 Jacob stopped struggling and let his head drop forward. The sound of his now heavy breathing was accentuated by the hood covering his head.

He heard something. It was voices. Not Sally's, somebody else. At least two somebodys. Help me! Aren't you in a bit of a fix? She caught me. I can't get loose. Please help me. And a fine catch it is. Good work Sally. It tracked over to his left breast and took a moment to tease the nipple. Jacob gasped involuntarily. And responsive it would appear. Very strong looking, but do you think it can run? It was also clear that she was not going to help him. He felt his body slump with resignation of the fact that he could do nothing to free himself. I can't wait to get him broken and see how he works saddled. He did not know what she had in mind, but it was pretty clear that Sally had no intention of letting him go.

The seemingly compliant ones always have a little surprise waiting. And, if they thought he was going to just give up to them and let them "break" him or "saddle" him then they did have a surprise coming. I can't wait to see how he reacts to a taste of the training ring. If he hadn't been frightened before he was certainly feeling it now. What in the hell was going on here? This was not some bizarre spur of the moment thing. It did not seem that Jacob was the first to be captured by these girls. No wonder Sally had taken him so easily. It was all planned out with everything see needed in place.

She was able to maneuver him to just the right place and then get his guard down through sex to fasten him to the floor. Where had the little chain and ring been hidden? Must have been in the straw. It really was true that the big head can't think when the little head was busy. From the moment she had his balls locked to the chain he was done and she had won. He wondered how many times she had done this before.

Where were the others? But more importantly, what was going to happen to him now? Any pressure on the chain pulled on the ring and put pressure on his balls. As leashes go this one worked well, he would go wherever she pulled without any question. He quickly got to his feet and then started to walk forward as she pulled on the chain. At first he almost fell from the limited step allowed by the hobble between his ankles. It was only about twelve inches so he had to shuffle along to try to keep up with her. It did not help matters to be hooded. He could not see a thing and with his arms fastened behind him he could not use his hands.

There was not even the assistance of a hand on his arm to guide him, only the pull at his testicles, painful if he did not keep up, yet if he tried to anticipate he lost his sense of direction. He expected to slam into a post, or wall, or trip on something on the floor at any moment, but the threat to his testicles kept him moving forward. She had stopped pulling forward but Jacob only knew that because a hand against his chest stopped his forward progress. He seems very anxious to please. He had no desire to please any of these people. He just had an abiding desire not to have his balls pulled off.

Jacob's fear was being replaced by anger. He had never hit a girl. Even if his record said differently he had never done it, but he was willing to change that now. He went to jail for putting a girl in hospital when he had really done nothing. Now he wanted to put at least one, maybe two in hospital. But right now they were in control. He would have to wait. He would have to be patient, and then he would take his revenge. And revenge would be oh so sweet. Now there were hands on his upper arms, hands on both sides. He was being guided forward, but slowly. He moved as they led until his upper body bumped up against something. He could feel something like a bar just below his neck, another at his stomach and another at his thighs.

There were hands on his back pushing him forward against the bars - one of the girls. He could clearly have overcome her strength and pushed back even without hands, but he did not. He felt straps cross his shoulders, then at his waist and then below his buttocks across his thighs. Now he was held to the bars. He wondered if he should have resisted. It was too late now, but did it really matter? He could have resisted but it is likely he would eventually be in the position he was in, only it would be after a lot of pain. Sally had called him "pain adverse" he would rather think of it as intelligent.

There was no point in receiving pain just to demonstrate his resistance. In fact that seemed counterproductive. Better he appear compliant so they would make a mistake and let their guard down. Even if he had managed to break free of their grasp, what then? He could not see a thing. He did not have use of his hands. He was hobbled to a twelve inch step. And, by the way, they had him on a leash to his testicles. There was no other option but to do what they wanted - at least for now. He felt his legs being pulled out to the limit of the hobble and then heard clicks as each ankle was secured outward. He would now not be able to move his feet. There was somebody behind him. He felt the bags being removed from his hands.

Maybe they were going to release his hands and arms, even secured to this frame that might present an opportunity. He needed to remain alert and wait for an opportunity. His wrists and arms were not released. Instead each hand was opened up and he felt and smelled someone putting something on his fingernails. Were they polishing his nails?

Oh well, that was not a big deal. What Jacob did not know was that it was not nail polish at all it was a special chemical designed to stop the growth of and kill his fingernails. They would stop growing within days and within weeks they would all fall off. They would never grow again. But for the purposes of his captors he did not need fingernails and growing nails would be a bother they did not want to have to deal with.

Whoever was working behind him removed the clip holding his wrists up to the bar, and even removed the wrist cuffs. Jacob was now able to straighten his arms, but with the cuffs on his upper arms he could do nothing more than flop them up and down. He could feel the belt around his waist but there was no sign of a buckle or fastening of any kind. He could not reach the belt at his thighs or the one at his shoulders. There were hands on his hands lifting them up against his arms. He pulled his hand free and dropped it down. He heard the sound of the air being separated just before he felt the fire on his buttocks and heard the report of the quirk hitting home. That hurt. Not insurmountable, not like the bull whip had hurt, but it hurt enough to get his attention. And it proved his point.

They could hit him with the quirt a lot more times than he was willing to endure just to make a meaningless point. He folded his lower arms up against each other and along the metal bar. The person behind him was now wrapping his arms and the bar with something like gauze. They worked from elbow to elbow until his lower arms were completely wrapped. It sort of held his arms against the bar, but not tightly. But then he felt something being fitted over his arms. He could smell the leather, even through the hood. The leather molded to his arms from just above the metal cuff on each upper arm down and across this folded lower arms creating a leather U shaped enclosure. It laced along the inside and top but like a corset laces started in the center and then worked out in each direction until each lacing ended on the upper arm.

Whoever was doing this had done it before. The arm binder, that is what it was, was first installed loosely. Then the laces were tightened, working from the center out. Then the process was repeated working any slack out until both sides of the device almost met. A single leather form encasing both arms and the metal rod between them was formed. Jacob tried to move his fingers but could barely wiggle them.

This thing was not coming off without help. Then he felt heat near his upper arms and smelled a burning smell. The laces had been knotted at the top on each inside arm but then the laces were melted around the knot. It could not be untied. To remove this binder the laces would have to be cut. This was a pretty major complication. It was a pretty good bet with this amount of work that they did not intend to remove the arm restraints very often or soon for that matter. Jacob felt the neck of the hood being loosened. This was done with ease, as if all one had to do was pull at the base, but Jacob knew that was not the case. He had tried before he lost the use of his hands.

He wondered what the secret was, although he was pretty sure it would at least require hands, something he no longer had. Then the hood was pulled off. They were in a room painted white with a clean concrete floor. The person who had removed the hood was not Sally. It was, although, a small female. This one was only about 5'2" very petite. She had pretty green eyes and light red hair pulled to the side in two braids. Of course it was red hair. She held up what looked like a bundle of straps in her right hand. Your bridle, it is going on, easy or hard, painful or not, it is your choice. He also seemed to know that no response was called for from him.

He just stared back into her face. She seemed to understand his acquiescence. She lifted the tangle of straps; in her expert hands they quickly found their way onto his head. A strap circled his head at the forehead. At either side of the head it intersected with another strap that circled his head from the crown down the sides and under his chin where it crossed and then passed around his neck to buckle in the back.

Another strap came from the back of his head around to where it met rings located on either side of his head. Two shorter straps with additional rings connected to this ring projected forward so that each of these rings lay just forward of the corners of his mouth. The straps down the sides of his head also supported a panel of about three inches on each side near his eyes. This panel was equipped with snaps that would allow different types of additions to be added very easily.

Once in place the girl moved around adjusting the straps until she was satisfied with the arrangement. Jacob did not like the feel of this thing around his head. Even though it really did not interfere with anything it felt confining. He somehow knew that he was not going to like this appliance. The confirmation came quickly. As soon as his mouth was open she shoved something between his jaws. He stopped cooperating and tried to move his head from side to side to dislodge the invader, but she was ready for that and quickly snapped it onto the two rings that extended to the edges of his mouth. As her hands left his face he shook his head back and forth and pushed at this unwelcome thing with his tongue.

Neither effort had any effect. He bit down to find that whatever it was there was a rubberized coating over its exterior. He was pretty sure that the device was made of metal he was at least happy that it had some type of coating to protect his teeth. But it was more than a metal bar running through his mouth. He could feel something lying on his tongue. It had a brank of about two inches that extended back toward his throat. He could also tell that it had levers that positioned through the rings at the side of his mouth and that pressure on the levers would cause the brank to be pushed down against his tongue.

Take it out. Don't do this. He wildly shook his head, but the bridle fit perfectly to his head and the bit now lodged between his teeth was going nowhere. It had the effect of both bridling him and gagging him. Two birds with a single bit as it were. Jacob's attention was quickly drawn away from his head. He felt activity below his waist. The band that Sally had utilized to capture him by capturing his testicles loosened and disappeared. He was glad to have that controlling device gone, but his relief was short lived. Something else was being placed in exactly the same spot. Only this seemed to have more weight. In addition, as he looked down he could see the girl closing the two halves of this new device with some kind of Allen wrench.

When she was done it was tighter than before. Next she pulled a belt, at least six inches wide around his waist. Before she closed it into place she connected two wires from the device around his scrotum into slots on the inside of the belt. Then the belt was closed and cinched also using a wrench. Without the tool, even with hands it was not coming off. Even though ponies don't get to have conversations I want to make sure you understand the device that has just been placed on you. This is a control ring. It has a GPS device monitor so we can always tell where you are, but just as importantly it is never allowed to be outside a defined perimeter. If you hit the perimeter there will be a five second warning.

If you are not back in the allowed territory within the five seconds, or if someone pushes the control button, well. I think you should know what will happen. Jacob had never in his life felt such pain. It felt as if someone had reached inside him and dragged his insides out through his penis. He immediately lost control of his bladder and bowls. Urine sprayed from his penis and brown goo leaked from his rear. He needed to get his hands around his stomach, but they were locked behind him. He needed to crawl into a ball, but he was held tightly to the bars of the frame.

All he could do was push his head back and shriek. Would you like a second demonstration? He was ready to do whatever she wanted to keep from having that happen again. He looked down at the innocuous looking metal band that circles his scrotum. How could something so small cause such horrific pain? This was a major game changer. As long as this thing was connected to him he was going to be very very careful. No more. Even without the bit in his mouth it would have been hard to understand. If it wasn't for the bands holding him to the frame he would have collapsed onto the ground. It was hard to breath.

He was gasping for air. He was hyperventilating. He was alone. He was trying to make sense of things. Why did they do this to him? Again he dropped his head forward and looked at the small metal ring. It was less than an inch wide. The interior diameter could not be more than an inch. It was thick, almost half an inch. Tight, but not overly constrictive, but tight enough. It was not going to come off. Even if he had use of his hands it would be virtually impossible to feed his testicles through the small opening that locked around his scrotum. He could see metal loops on the outside surface, at least two of them. The earlier device had shown the efficacy for attaching a leash.

He was certain the loops preserved this diabolical use. Thus, it had the ability to control him both manually and through its implementation of pain to terrorize him. As his breathing came back under control he became more aware of the implement in his mouth. He was drooling down the sides of his face. He tried to suck back the liquid, but with his mouth held open that seemed impossible to control.

He could also feel the flat metal plate lying on top of his tongue. It moved freely up and down when he pushed with his tongue but did not seem at all limited in movement by the pressure exerted by his teeth on the shaft. The interior portion, the brank, must move on a free rod set inside the larger bar that extended from cheek to cheek. The rings in his bridle - that is what she had called the head piece - held it deep in his mouth applying pressure to the sides of his mouth. He did not like the feel of it. He did not want this thing in his mouth, but like everything else they did there was nothing he could do about it. He hoped that it would not be permanent.

Jacob heard movement. Had she returned? Was Sally back? What were they going to do to him now? He was still fastened to the frame. Why had they not removed him? It sounded like something was rolling over the floor. He turned his head to the side trying to get a look. This is a study guide for the upcoming test for the book named The Outsiders. Johnny gives a reason for killing Bob. Directions: After reading chapter two answer the questions below on a separate google doc. Related: details as supports.

You can skip questions if you would like and come The outsiders, when it was released, was a controversial book; and it remains that to date. Day 1: Read chapter 1 and answer the questions. Our book servers hosts in multiple locations, allowing you to get the most less latency time to download any of our books like this one. Describe each of the characters in this chapter and their relationship with one another. Try to give as much detail as you can in your reflection and to answer all the questions asked. Displaying The Outsiders Chapter 4. Successfully DoneIn September I wish you the best of luck while taking this quiz! Please tell me what you thought of my quiz!

The next day, he goes to get lunch with Two-Bit and Steve, then they are ambushed by Socs. This activity was created by a Quia Web subscriber. Chapter 3 Questions Vocabulary - Find the meaning for the following words in this chapter and write one paragraph that uses all 4 words correctly: aloof-keeping distance from people because of shyness impersonally-without connetion to a specific personThe outsiders: Home About the author Chapter summary Characters Chapter Answers Chapter Answers Chapter Answers Chapter Answers The 60's Chapter 1 questions 2.

The question and answers are in the Secondary Solutions, The Outsiders. Included are student pages with the text-dependent questions as well as suggested answers. If you have read the book, this short questionnaire shouldn't be a problem for you. To cover all the syllabus in History, the NCERT Solutions is an essential material as it offers a wide range of questions that test the students understanding of concepts. The Outsiders features hints of romance, but that isn't the main event.

Who are the Socs? Who are the Greasers? How does Darry leaving the front door open reinforce the way Ponyboy speaks about gangs in Chapter 1 and Chapter 2? To help us better understand what exactly a coming of age story is, we looked at the example of the movie "Stand By Me" and tried to draw some parallels between the two stories. January Student read Chapter 2, Answered Questions Chapter 2, and completed vocabulary for chapter Match difficult vocabulary words to their meanings. Chapter 1 1. Please select at least 2 keywords. Plot summary the greaser gang the outsiders opens with the recollections of ponyboy curtis the narrator of the story.

Dallas b. Jan 14, - The Outsiders Chapter 2 Quiz. What does Cherry explain as the difference between the socs and the greasers? The outsiders study guide gradesaver The Outsiders study guide contains a biography of author S. What happens when Ponyboy breaks his curfew? Darry yells at him, and when Pony tries to defend Soda for sticking up for him Darry slaps Pony hard. Whom does Johnny idolize and look to as a hero? Take our free The Outsiders quiz below, with 25 multiple choice questions that help you test your knowledge. Soda can't sit still long enough to enjoy a movie. Regarding this, what happens in chapter 8 in the outsiders? Chapter 8 Summary. Give examples from the story to support your response.

What's ironic about Paul Holden being the first Soc to step up to Darry's challenge? Answer - The two young men used to be football teammates and friends in high school. What did Parvana dream about the night they visited the prison? Morton's Website. Ponyboy can count on his brothers and on his friends. A weed is another name for cigarette 7. Students are instructed to answer the questions in sentence form based on the mark value of each question. What do we learn about what happened to Johnny before the story Download File PDF The Outsiders Chapter Questions Answers the outsiders chapter questions answers is available in our digital library an online access to it is set as public so you can get it instantly. Menu Skip to content. Available Formats.

Randy said kids want from their parents is the answer no. The Outsiders: Read Chapters 6, 7 and 8 of the Outsiders and answer the following questions from Chapter 3 and 4. The protagonist of The Outsiders is a. Dally agrees that it is. PDF Download. Quiz , The rivalry between two gangs, the poor Greasers and the rich Socs, only heats up when one gang member kills a member of the other. Chapter One and Two: 1. Dena O. The most important event in chapter four of The Outsiders occurs at the park when Johnny and Ponyboy are attacked by a group of Soc boys. Soda reminds Pony of a colt because he is handsome and enjoys attention. How do the boys get into the Nightly Double?

Why do they choose to do that? What was the name of Sodapop's old horse? Timeline for The Outsiders. Hinton's The Outsiders explained with chapter summaries in just a few minutes! Sodapop d. Answer: A. Chapter 1: Answers for questions. Johnny is in the hospital. As of Aug 23 Chapter 4: Reading Comprehension Questions. Aside from discussion and class activities, you will be asked to create a chapter follow up. Who are the Socs and the Greasers? The Socs are the rich kids of the town. Ponyboy and Cherry like to watch sunsets, and they discover they have this in common in their conversation in Chapter 3.

No teams 1 team 2 teams 3 teams 4 teams 5 teams 6 teams 7 teams 8 teams 9 teams 10 teams Custom. Ponyboy and Johnny walk the two blocks to the park. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Explore the themes of prejudice and social conventions and the part they play in a community. Movies bore Darry and he's always working. The past is a foreign country, they do things differently there. Thinking back on the story, do you believe the trouble they are all in is because of her? What two groups of teenagers does Ponyboy describe? Compare the two groups. The Question and Answer section for The Outsiders is a great resource to ask questions, find answers, and 4.

Be prepared to turn this in next class. What 'circumstances' do Ponyboy's teacher refer to? What circumstances does Ponyboy think his teacher is referring to? Ponyboy's teacher is referring to him passing the class, but Ponyboy thinks its about Johnny and all of the stuff going on. Wednesday, May 23, Chapter 3 Questions Vocabulary - Find the meaning for the following words in this chapter and write one paragraph that uses all 4 words correctly: aloof-keeping distance from people because of shyness impersonally-without connetion to a specific person ornery- unpleasant or "The Outsiders" - Chapter 4 Quiz 10 Questions.

Share practice link. The original text plus a side-by-side modern Chapter Answers - The outsiders. Chapter 10 Questions Do these tonight so you can work on your video in class! Purchase this Solution immediately! I was wishing I looked like Paul Newman he looks tough and I don't but I guess my own looks aren't so bad. Played times. Please type both the question and your answer. Let's see how much you remember of the story. Vocabulary: Find the meaning of the following word from this chapter and use it in a sentence correctly. With C. Outsiders Essential Questions. Ponyboy doesn't want to be in any group and than be judged by it, but he wants to be jugged by who he really is.

Ponyboy and Two-Bit go to the hospital, but the nurses refuse to let them see Johnny. Download File PDF The Outsiders Chapter Questions Answers the outsiders chapter questions answers is available in our digital library an online access to it is set as public so you can get it instantly. Press F In this chapter Equality states that it is very unusual for men to reach the age of You may need more than one sentence to explain your answers. In Chapter 2 the author used foreshadowing to suggest that Johnny might kill someone.

How Does The Outsiders Affect Ponyboys Life seemed How Does The Outsiders Affect Ponyboys Life understand his acquiescence. He could feel her at his ankles. He did not want that back on his head.