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The Book Of Joe

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It was something that's been going for something years. If it's a realistic timeline, all these characters would be in their 70s. But it's that same dilemma that you have with any of the characters in any of the universities. I mean, Spider-Man is 70, but in the comics he's still in college or something, or just out of college. Superman's got to be over I think that fans have a hard time with change, but since you're supporting the project, is it your belief that comic book storylines and movie storylines co-exist?

They can co-exist, but they're two different mediums. There are things that work in comics that just don't work onscreen, because comics are It's a medium where you learn everything by increments. You read Batman for 20 years, you know an awful lot about Batman, but you've learned it in little bits and pieces every month. In a movie, you've got 90 minutes to two hours to get it all up there.

So the methodology of getting the information across is very different. In comics, you have to show it visually and make it work as a flow of pictures. In movies, you've got sound effects, you've got the ability to do all this stuff. And a lot of comic book tricks and storytelling methods were copied from movies. And so it's this weird back-and-forth. Both mediums feed on each other. Can you see Snake Eyes getting to the point where he becomes that mysterious hero under the mask that fans do know in the comic books? Because of course, this would involve some sort of incident — and God forbid, I mean, because my wife says it, too — Henry Golding, he's a handsome fella. He got hired because he looks good without the mask.

But if you want to follow that comic book line, you're going to look at disfiguring his face plus losing his ability to speak. I'd hate to see it happen to this iteration of the character, but do you think it's necessary, and would you like to see it go in that direction? Well, I think there's a way to do that. I mean, look at "The Mandalorian. With the "Snake Eyes" format, you could always have flashbacks. There are ways to get around all of this stuff.

It's a very flexible medium. But if there's any other character you would like to see get an origin story from the G. Joe comic book point of view, who would that be? Probably the Baroness. She's very intriguing character, I think. Well, I noticed that when I go to the conventions, the Baroness cosplayers players outnumber all the other G. Joe cosplayers two to one or three to one. So there's obviously some potential there.

The hair, the costume is reminiscent of the Baroness we all know and love, but she definitely possesses that attitude and that sass — that killer sass. I'm sure you were thrilled with Ursula's interpretation of the character. Very thrilling. I mean, it's something I thought would never happen. It's like Obama getting elected president. I never thought I'd see that in my lifetime.

And I never thought I'd see this sort of Asian representation in media. I mean, when I was a kid, I mean, I remember my grandmother would come out of the living room, yelling, "There's an Asian person on TV! I think it's good and that we're getting away from those these godawful stereotypes. I've been in the Screen Actors Guild since And for years, the only parts I ever got offered were bad guys. Or I auditioned for commercials, it'd be like a Japanese car company executive, a medical examiner, a doctor, some sort of guy in a lab coat or a waiter. Those are the only parts around. And now it's wide open. And what's great about that is that you forged your own destiny by creating the "G.

Joe" comics — and hopefully what's going to happen here as a result is that it's going to inspire more writers of Asian descent to do the same. Of course, your career has also included having a hand in "Wolverine" and "Logan" and editing such DC properties as "Wonder Woman. Paramount Pictures. Hama wanted to highlight the 'regular Joe' aspect of the characters Paramount Pictures. Hama admits he took the 'G.

Hama gave the Snake Eyes production the go-ahead to make changes Paramount Pictures. Hama embraces both the film and comic book versions of G. Joe Paramount Pictures. I grew up in Texas and still have a cowgirl spirit even though I am older. I have enjoyed the mystery writers who are popular now, but I am getting picky. Our world has gotten so mean and cruel and polarized, I am hoping that your style of writing and others like you will influence our society to be more thoughtful and mild and loving. I am hoping to plant a seed in your mind. We need a change and you can help make it more positive. Thank you for sharing your talents!!!!

I am a female, aged 75 and have been reading your Joe Picket series for years, as does my daughter. Please hurry with your next book. The links beside each book title will take you to Amazon where you can read more about the book, or purchase it. As an Amazon Associate, I earn money from qualifying purchases. If you would like to link to us, Get the Code Here. I often get asked by readers if they can donate to the site as a thank you for all the hard work. Any issues with the book list you are seeing? Let me know! Book s. I always enjoy when an author steps outside their comfort zone, and that is what Louise Penny is doing this month! Louise is stepping away from the world of Gamache to bring us a thriller co-written with Hillary Rodham Clinton. Louise is our featured author of the month!

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