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Pros And Cons Of Paleo Diet

Read our editorial Pros And Cons Of Paleo Diet to learn more about Pros And Cons Of Paleo Diet we fact-check and keep our content accurate, reliable, and trustworthy. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution: The Complete Pros And Cons Of Paleo Diet to Pros And Cons Of Paleo Diet Normal Blood Sugars," originally published in and updated in to include information on new technology such as insulin Pros And Cons Of Paleo Diet and continuous blood sugar monitorsmedications including inhaled insulinand recipes. The first one, of course, is weight loss. However, Pros And Cons Of Paleo Diet it can be hard to eat just define the characteristics of effective partnership working few nuts, it's important when following the diet to look up the number of carbs in a serving of any type of nuts to avoid going overboard. Pros And Cons Of Paleo Diet making any changes to your diet or exercise plan, be sure to speak with your physician to make sure that Pros And Cons Of Paleo Diet changes you would like to make align with your personal health needs.

The PROS and CONS of Paleo

This data from the American Heart Association shows just how aging could mean an onset of severe heart complications for older adults. Apart from heart failure, these include stroke and coronary heart diseases, among others. And then there is the weight loss factor too. Losing weight, which is made possible by an increased fat metabolism in ketosis, reduces the risk of cardiovascular complications associated with obesity. After spending considerable time in keto, researchers believe that your body adapts and becomes efficient at energy production.

That means you will have the energy to stay physically active. That typically means no more heart complications for you. One of the most significant drawbacks of old age is cognitive decline. A study published on NCBI shows that as we age, the brain shrinks in volume. The gradual reduction in the size of the prefrontal cortex means reduced cognitive abilities and even poor memory.

Just how does the keto diet help to strengthen cognitive stamina in seniors? Many researchers concur that the ketones produced during ketosis have neuroprotective functions. They strengthen the nerves and brain cells. The Scientific American also reports that a ketogenic diet supplies the brain with the needed high energy for memory and learning. Ketones are supposedly more fuel-efficient than glucose. The increased energy reserve in the brain empowers your neurons to prevent stressors that may lead to cognitive decline. A healthy diet similarly reduces oxidative damage, which in most cases speeds up aging and neurodegeneration.

A study published in NCBI measured the cognitive benefits of the ketogenic diet among 23 older adults. The results showed that after six weeks, participants on a keto diet performed better in verbal memory tests compared to the control group. Seizures are more common among the elderly compared to any other age group. Ketosis can help to reduce seizures in cases of epilepsy, especially if other treatments are not working for the patient.

For almost a hundred years, some versions of the ketogenic diet have been used to treat epilepsy in children. Here is how it works: ketones inhibit the overexcitement of neurons. The change from glucose to fat metabolism causes changes in the cerebrospinal fluid. These changes bring stability to the firing of neurons. The Epilepsy Foundation recommends keto as a potentially reliable treatment against drug-resistant seizures.

PCOS is common in women as they get older. A woman with PCOS produces a higher level of male hormones androgens in their ovaries. This hormonal imbalance increases the risk of heart diseases and type-2 diabetes. Women who are insulin resistant can experience weight gain, especially around the waist, and increased cravings for carbs. PCOS is mostly experienced shortly before menopause, but the condition can linger on after menopause. Keto helps with PCOS by lowering insulin resistance and insulin levels.

Studies have shown the keto diet, by improving weight loss, can help to reduce the symptoms of PCOS. And spending considerable time in the state of ketosis also achieves hormonal rebalancing that may help reverse PCOS. Old age comes along with osteoporosis, which is the reduction in bone density. The condition causes weakness in seniors and puts them at risk of fractures and injuries if they engage in physical activities.

Most of the fats and proteins in a keto diet are healthy for the bones. But beware that ketosis often generates acidifying ketones, which could lead to more bone loss. Despite the many health benefits that an older person stands to gain by following a keto diet, this diet plan is also fraught with risks. Staying on a diet for a long time is not advisable. Here are some of the reasons why seniors should seek medical advice before attempting keto:. Before your body gets into ketosis, you are bound to experience adverse effects, often known as the keto flu. The keto flu has symptoms that indicate that your body is now switching from the metabolism of glucose to fats. These effects, including fatigue, weakness, and gastrointestinal distress, usually pass after a few days among the young, but they could linger on for days in older people.

Experts say that 1 in every four people on keto experiences these symptoms. The keto flu is a bumpy metabolic transition for which an older adult might not be ready. Nonetheless, you can reduce the side effects by staying hydrated and getting enough sleep. Green tea and organic coffee may also be helpful. Before your body learns to use fat for fuel, a low-carb meal plan makes you feel tired most of the time.

At this time, it would be hard to engage in physical exercises. Lack of physical activity among the elderly speeds up aging and heightens their risk of cardiovascular disease. For a smooth transition into keto, it is recommended to stick to lower-intensity workouts. Stretching exercises need to be part of your routine, and during the keto flu, stretching alone may be enough. As you get into ketosis, consider some light swimming, biking, and jogging. As the days progress, you may be able to get back to weight lifting and push-ups. Some keto meal plans discourage the consumption of fruits and vegetables, and that could have devastating effects on the health of the senior. Keto or not, you need to eat plenty of vitamins naturally derived from fruits and vegetables.

They guard against diseases and help a person to live longer. A vitamin-rich diet minimizes the risk of heart diseases and high blood pressure. It strengthens your immunity against some types of cancers and digestive disorders. Keto-friendly fruits and vegetables for seniors include cauliflower, avocado, bananas, cabbage, spinach, green beans, and others. Health experts recommend using supplements such as potassium, calcium, and vitamins B, C, E, and D. Animal fat can alter the structure of the kidney. And because keto stresses fat over everything else, chances are high. The seniors may eat cheese, meat, and eggs, in a higher quantity that is healthy for them. These foods can lead to kidney stones, experts warn. Animal proteins make your urine and blood more acidic.

The kidneys also have to work extra to filter calcium from your blood. That heightens the risk of kidney stones. Keto diets are not recommendable for seniors with chronic kidney disease. For older adults trying the keto for its immense health benefits, here are ways to stay safe from kidney complications:. Most fiber-rich foods happen to be carbs. These include starchy vegetables and fruits and whole grains. Reducing the intake of these food items could interfere with the digestive health of an older adult. A well-crafted keto meal plan for the elderly should include enough fiber sources. These include food items such as lettuce, cucumber, broccoli, chia seeds, avocadoes, and wild blueberries, among others.

To start the diet, you will order the Release supplement. According to the website, foods that are encouraged are: 2,6, There are few restrictions beyond the focus on nutrient-dense whole foods. But you're encouraged to avoid highly processed products like diet shakes, bars, and meal replacements. Lunch 1 fat, 2 proteins, 1 carbohydrate , 2 vegetables. One overarching idea of the Golo plan is to spend one to two hours per week on meal prep. You can then prepackage containers with foods in their correct ratios and grab and go throughout the week. Breakfast 2 hardboiled eggs, overnight oats made with zucchini, chia seeds , and coconut flakes.

Lunch Chicken, salad greens, sweet potatoes , and coconut oil. Dinner Chicken, broccoli cooked in coconut oil, sweet potatoes. By subscribing you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Health Topics. Health Tools. Reviewed: August 6, Medically Reviewed. Breakfast 2 hardboiled eggs, overnight oats made with zucchini, chia seeds , and coconut flakes Lunch Chicken, salad greens, sweet potatoes , and coconut oil Snack Celery sticks Dinner Chicken, broccoli cooked in coconut oil, sweet potatoes.

The Golo diet is a calorie-restricted diet, which is likely why some people lose weight on it. The money you spend is for the Release supplement, a formula containing herbs and minerals designed to help you control your blood sugar and insulin. Editorial Sources and Fact-Checking. About Golo. Golo for Life. Golo Metabolic Plan. Metabolic Health. Welcome to Golo. Cell Metabolism. May

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