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Whos For The Game Jessie Pope Analysis

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Who's For The Game By Jessie Pope

Who longs to charge and shoot— Do you, my laddie? Who's keen on getting fit, Who means to show his grit, And who'd rather wait a bit— Would you, my laddie? Who'll earn the Empire's thanks— Will you, my laddie? Who'll swell the victor's ranks— Will you, my laddie? When that procession comes, Banners and rolling drums— Who'll stand and bite his thumbs— Will you, my laddie? Like 2 7 Good write Lovely Nicely done Like 2.

Likes: anthus , Terwilliger Time To reply, click a comment. Pattiboo - I have a scrap book of World War 1 poetry. Poems that were cut from newspapers of the day. Poems sent in by readers, and I can assure you there were many that read similar to Pope's poems. Remember white feathers were often handed out to young men deemed able to fight who were not doing so. War poets such as Sassoon and Owen were pretty Gung Ho about the war until they had experienced it first hand.

Three of my mothers brothers went off to fight only one returned. They were told it would all be over in a few months. It wasn't called the first World War for nothing. Nobody knew what lay ahead and certainly didn't expect the carnage that followed. Men who lost their nerve or ran away from the front line were caught and shot as deserters. Feelings and attitudes cannot be compared with how things are viewed today by society. Black lilith - How did you know that Owen and Sassoon were enthusiastic about war prior to their experience? I-Like-Rhymes - My own opinion is that it is not a nervous gesture but a deadly insult!

I advise you to read the opening scene of Romeo and Juliet and in particuular the dialogue between Gregory and Samson that begins "Nay, as they dare. I will bite my thumb at them; which is a disgrace to them, if they bear it. Pope is trying to cajole men into fighting in France with this piece. It's thought to be a childish 'flipping the bird', not an insult. It's supposed to represent mockery. I-Like-Rhymes - Obviously your sources differ but I can assure you it is was as much of an insult as the modern "thumbing ones nose" ie thumb to nose with fingers spread, Or at least in the days and area where Shakespeare lived and wrote.

McKinley contact What exactly does this mean? Is it portrying a nervous person or what? Richard Lubo - No, "Who'll stand and bite his thumbs" is an expression that means that someone will just "stand and bite his thumbs" and not do anything for something. Such as for example, here Jessie Pope is portraying a person who will not do his duty and will not do anything good for his country during the war. Python contact I don't think people understand what was happening at the time. She wasnt being ignorant it was more like she thought what she was doing was right. The people in Britian were being censored and did not know the true horrors of the war. The army needed more recruits and this was one of the only ways for them to do it. She was a journalist too, the worst kind of poeple when it comes to baiting the public with bullshit, or go on a fishing expidition for the sake of stiring up trouble.

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Whos For The Game Jessie Pope Analysis from the original on Football Crew Research Paper September Amor Towles. Pope is perhaps best known—and indeed Whos For The Game Jessie Pope Analysis vilified—for her patriotic poetry of the First World War.