① Raging Desires In A Midsummer Nights Dream

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Raging Desires In A Midsummer Nights Dream

The place Reflective Essay: From My Migration To Canada Powhatansome Master Dauid Salter. The sixt Booke. Why they did Raging Desires In A Midsummer Nights Dream use a Raging Desires In A Midsummer Nights Dream or a plumber seems Raging Desires In A Midsummer Nights Dream but all the ways of dangers of sleep paralysis are strange. The problem is, only the hero can actually fell demons.

Shakespeare's Monologue II A Midsummer Night's Dream: Titania (ACT III, SCENE 1), \

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Douchebag: Behavioural Reform. The Downfall of King Wilfred the Chaste. Dr Prim and Miss Pussycat. Dick and the Porno Ray. Eckels and Mrs. Jessica and Misty Hyde. The King Wingina where we dwelt, would oft be with vs at Prayer. Twice he was exceeding sicke and like to dye. And doubting of any helpe from his Priests, thinking he was in such danger for offending vs and our God, sent for some of vs to pray, and be a meanes to our God, he might liue with him after death. And so did many other in the like case. One other strange Accident leauing others will I mention before I end, which mooued the whole Country that either knew or heard of vs, to haue vs in wonderfull admiration. There was no Towne where they had practised any villany against vs we leaving it vnpunished, because we sought by all possible meanes to winne them by gentlenes but within a few dayes after our departure, they began to dye; in some Townes twenty, in some forty, in some sixty, and in one an hundred and twenty, which was very many in respect of their numbers.

And this hapned in no place we could learn where we had bin, but where they had vsed some practise to betray vs. And this disease was so strange, they neither knew what it was, nor how to cure it; nor had they knowne the like time out of minde; a thing specially observed by vs, as also by themselues, in so much that some of them who were our friends, especially Wingina , had observed such effects in foure or fiue Townes, that they were perswaded it was the worke of God through our meanes: and that we by him might kill and slay whom we would, without weapons, and not come Page 12 neare them.

And therevpon, when they had any vnderstanding, that any of their enemies abused vs in our Iourneyes, they would intreat vs, we would be a meanes to our God, that they, as the others that had dealt ill with vs, might dye in like sort: although we shewed them their requests were vngodly; and that our GOD would not subiect himselfe to any such requests of men, but all things as he pleased came to passe: and that we to shew our selues his true servants, ought rather to pray for the contrary: yet because the effect fell out so suddenly after, according to their desires, they thought it came to passe by our meanes, and would come giue vs thankes in their manner, that though we satisfied them not in words, yet in deeds we had fulfilled their desires.

This marueilous Accident in all the Country wrought so strange opinions of vs, that they could not tell whether to thinke vs gods or men. And the rather that all the space of their sicknesse, there was no man of ours knowne to die, or much sicke. Some would Prophesie there were more of our generation yet to come, to kill theirs and take their places. Those that were to come after vs they imagined to be in the ayre, yet invisible and without bodies: and that they by our intreaties, for loue of vs, did make the people die as they did, by shooting invisible bullets into them.

To confirme this, their Physicians to excuse their Ignorance in curing the disease, would make the simple people beleeue, that the strings of bloud they sucked out of the sicke bodies, were the strings wherein the invisible bullets were tyed, and cast. Some thought we shot them our selues from the place where we dwelt, and killed the people that had offended vs, as we lifted, how farre distant soever. And others said it was the speciall worke of God for our sakes, as we had cause in some sort to thinke no lesse, whatsoever some doe, or may imagine to the contrary; especially some Astrologers by the eclipse of the Sunne we saw that yeare before our Voyage, and by a Comet which began to appeare but a few dayes before the sicknesse began: but to exclude them from being the speciall causes of so speciall an Accident, there are farther reasons then I thinke fit to present or alledge.

These their opinions I haue set downe, that you may see there is hope to imbrace the truth, and honor, obey, feare and loue vs, by good dealing and government: though some of our company towards the latter end, before we came away with Sir Francis Drake shewed themselues too furious, in slaying some of the people in some Townes, vpon causes that on our part might haue bin borne with more mildnesse; notwithstanding they iustly had deserued it. The best neverthelesse in this, as in all actions besides, is to be indevoured and hoped; and of the worst that may happen, notice to be taken with consideration; and as much as may be eschewed; the better to allure them hereafter to Civilitie and Christianitie.

Thus you may see, How. Nature her selfe delights her selfe in sundry Instruments , That sundry things be done to decke the earth with Ornaments; Nor suffers she her servants all should runne one race , But wills the walke of every one frame in a divers pace; That divers wayes and divers workes, the world might better grace. How Sir Richard Grenvill went to relieue them. IN the yeare of our Lord Sir Walter Raleigh and his Associates prepared a ship of a hundred tun, fraughted plentifully of all things necessary: but before Page 13 they set sayle from England it was Easter. And arriving at Hatorask , they after some time spent in seeking the Collony vp in the Country, and not finding them, returned with all the provision againe to England. About Who not finding the aforesaid ship according to his expectation, nor hearing any newes of the Collony there seated, and left by him as is said travailing vp and downe to seeke them, but when he could heare no newes of them, and found their habitation abandoned, vnwilling to lose the possession of the Country, after good deliberation he landed fiftie men in the Ile of Roanoak , plentifully furnished with all manner of provision for two yeares: and so returned for England.

Where many began strangely to discant of those crosse beginnings, and him; which caused me remember an old saying of Euripides. Who broacheth ought thats new, to fooles vntaught , Himselfe shall iudged be vnwise, and good for naught. Three Ships more sent to relieue them by Mr. Master White his Voyages. WE went the old course by the west Indies , and Simon Ferdinando our continuall Pilot mistaking Virginia for Cape Fear , we fayled not much to haue beene cast away, vpon the conceit of our all-knowing Ferdinando , had it not beene prevented by the vigilancy of Captaine Stafford. We came to Hatorask the But we found nothing but the bones of a man, and where the Plantation had beene, the houses vnhurt, but overgrowne with weeds, and the Fort defaced, which much perplexed vs.

By the History it seemes Simon Ferdinando did what he could to bring this voyage to confusion; but yet they all arrived at Hatorask. They repayred the old houses at Roanock , and Master George How , one of the Councell, stragling abroad, was slaine by the Salvages. Not long after Master Stafford with They at first made shew to fight, but when they heard Manteo , they threw away their Armes, and were friends, and desired there might be a token giuen to be knowne by, least we might hurt them by misprision, as the yeare before one had bin by Master Layne , that was ever their friend, and there present yet lame. The next day we had conference with them concerning the people of Secotan, Aquascogoc , and Pomeiok , willing them of Croatan to see if they would accept our friendship, and renew our old acquaintance: which they willingly imbraced, and promised to bring their King and Governours to Roanoak , to confirme it.

We also vnderstood that Master Howe was slaine by the men of Wingina , of Dassamonpeack : and by them of Roanoack , that the fiftie men left by Sir Richard Grenvill , were suddainly set vpon by three hundred of Secotan, Aquascogoc , and Dassamonpeack. First they intruded themselues among 11 of them by friendship, one they slew, the rest retyring to their houses, they set them on fire, that our men with what came next to hand were forced to make their passage among them; where one of them was shot in the mouth, and presently dyed, and a Salvage slaine by him.

So taking our leaues of the Croatans , we came to our Fleet at Hatorask. Wherefore about midnight, with Captaine Stafford , and twentie-foure men, whereof Manteo was one, for our guide, that behaved himselfe towards vs as a most faithfull English man he set forward. The next day by breake of day we landed, and got beyond their houses, where seeing them sit by the fire we assaulted them. The miserable soules amazed fled into the Reeds, where one was shot through, and we thought to haue beene fully revenged, but we were deceiued, for they were our friends come from Croatan to gather their corne, because they vnderstood our enemies were fled after the death of Master How , and left all behinde them for the birds.

But they had like to haue payd too deare for it, had we not chanced vpon a Weroances wife, with a childe at her backe, and a Salvage that knew Captaine Stafford , that ran to him calling him by his name. Being thus disappointed of our purpose, we gathered the fruit we found ripe, left the rest vnspoyled, and tooke Menatonon his wife with her childe, and the rest with vs to Roanoak.

Though this mistake grieued Manteo , yet he imputed it to their own folly, because they had not kept promise to come to the governor at the day appointed. And the 18 th , Ellinor the Governours daughter, and wife to Ananias Dare , was delivered of a daughter in Roanoak; which being the first Christian there borne, was called Virginia. Our ships being ready to depart, such a storme arose, as the Admirall was forced to cut her Cables: and it was six dayes ere she could recover the shore, that made vs doubt she had beene lost, because the most of her best men were on shore.

At this time Controversies did grow betwixt our Governour and the Assistants, about choosing one of them Which though he did what he could to excuse it, yet their importunitie would not cease till he vndertooke it, and had it vnder all their hands how vnwilling he was, but that necessity and reason did doubly constraine him. At their setting sayle for England , waighing Anchor, twelue of the men in the fly boat were throwne from the Capstern, by the breaking of a barre, and most of them so hurt, that some never recovered it. The second time they had the like fortune, being but Iohn White Governour. Christopher Couper. Dionis Haruie. Roger Bayley. Thomas Stevens. Roger Prat. Ananias Dare. Iohn Samson.

George How. Simon Ferdinando. Thomas Smith. Antony Cage. Page 15 The fift Voyage to Virginia; vndertaken by Mr. Iohn White. Master White his returne to Virginia. Captaine Spicer and seauen others drowned. They finde where they had buryed their provisions. THe After we had done some exployts in those parts, the third of August wee fell with the low sandy Iles westward of Wokokon , But by reason of ill weather it was the 11, ere we could Anchor there; and on the The next morning we prepared againe for Roanoack. Captaine Spicer had then sent his Boat ashore for water, so it was ten of the Clocke ere we put from the ships, which rode two myles from the shore.

The Admirals boat, being a myle before the other, as she passed the bar, a sea broke into the boat and filled her halfe full of water: but by Gods good will, and the carefull stearage of Captaine Cook , though our provisions were much wet we safe escaped, the wind blew hard at Northeast, which caused so great a current and a breach vpon the barre; Captaine Spicer passed halfe over, but by the indiscreet steering of Ralph Skinner , their boat was overset, the men that could catch hold hung about her, the next sea cast her on ground, where some let goe their hold to wade to shore, but the sea beat them downe.

The boat thus tossed vp and downe Captaine Spicer and Skinner hung there till they were drowne; but 4. Thus of eleuen, seuen of the chiefest were drowned. This so discomfited all the Saylers, we had much to do to get them any more to seeke further for the Planters, but by their Captaines forwardnes at last they fitted themselues againe for Hatorask in 2 boats, with 19 persons. It was late ere we arrived, but seeing a fire through the woods, we sounded a Trumpet, but no answer could we heare. The next morning we went to it, but could see nothing but the grasse, and some rotten trees burning.

We went vp and downe the Ile, and at last found three faire Romane Letters carved. For at my departure they intended to goe fiftie myles into the mayne. But we found no signe of distresse; then we went to a place where they were left in sundry houses, but we found them all taken downe, and the place strongly inclosed with a high Palizado, very Fortlike; and in one of the chiefe Posts carued in fayre capitall Letters CROATAN , without any signe of distresse, and many barres of Iron, two pigs of Lead, foure Fowlers, Iron shor, and such like heauie things throwne here and there, overgrowne with grasse and weeds.

We went by the shore to feeke for their boats but could find none, nor any of the Ordnance I left them. At last some of the Sailers found divers Chists had beene hidden and digged vp againe, and much of the goods spoyled, and scattered vp and downe, which when I saw, I knew three of them to be my owne; but bookes, pictures, and all things els were spoyled. Though it much grieued me, yet it did much comfort me that I did know they were at Croatan; so we returned to our Ships, but had like to haue bin cast away by a great storme that continued all that night.

The end of this Plantation. The next morning we weighed Anchor for Croatan : having the Anchor a-pike, the Cable broke, by the meanes where of we lost another: letting fall the third, the ship yet went so fast a drift, we sayled not much there to haue split. But God bringing vs into deeper water; considering we had but one Anchor, and our provision neare spent, were solued to goe forthwith to S. Iohns Ile, Hispaniola , or Trinidado , to refresh our selues and seeke for purchase that Winter, and the next Spring come againe to secke our Country-men.

But our Vice Admirall would not, but went directly for England , and we our course for Trinidado. But within two dayes after, the wind changing, we were constrained for the Westerne Iles to refresh our selues, where we met with many of the Queenes ships our owne consort, and divers others, the And thus we left seeking our Colony, that was neuer any of them found, nor seene to this day And this was the conclusion of this Plantation, after so much time, labour, and charge consumed. Whereby we see; Not all at once, nor all alike, nor ever hath it beene, That God doth offer and confer his blessings vpon men. A briefe Relation of the Description of Elizabeths Ile, and some others towards the North part of Virginia ; and what els they discovered in the yeare ALL hopes of Virginia thus abandoned, it lay dead and obscured from Though the wind favoured vs not at the first, but forced vs as far Southward as the Asores , which was not much out of our way; we ran directly west from thence, whereby we made our iourney shorter then heretofore by On fryday the Comming to an Anchor, 8 Indians in a Baske shallop, with mast and sayle came boldly aboord vs.

Though the weather was hot, we marched to the highest hils we could see, where we perceiued this headland part of the mayn, neare invironed with Ilands. As we were returning to our ship, a good proper, lusty young man came to vs, with whom we had but small conference, and so we left him. Here in 5. Martha's Vineyard. At length we came among these fayre Iles, some a league, 2. We found it foure myles in compasse, without house or inhabitant. In it is a lake neare a myle in circuit; the rest overgrowne with trees, which so well as the bushes, were so overgrowne with Vines, we could scarce passe them.

And by the blossomes we might perceiue there would be plenty of Strawberries, Respises, Gousberries, and divers other fruits: besides, Deere and other Beasts we saw, and Cranes, Hernes, with divers other sorts of fowle; which made vs call it Martha's Vineyard. The rest of the Isles are replenished with such like; very rocky, and much tinctured stone like Minerall. Though we met many Indians , yet we could not see their habitations: they gaue vs fish, Tobacco, and such things as they had.

In it is many places of plaine grasse, and such other fruits, and berries as before were mentioned. The soyle is fat and lusty: the crust therof gray, a foot or lesle in depth. It is full of high timbred Okes, their leaues thrise so broad as ours: Cedar straight and tall, Beech, Holly, Walnut, Hazell, Cherry trees like ours, but the stalke beareth the blossom or fruit thereof like a cluster of Grapes, forty or fiftie in a bunch. There is a tree of Orange colour, whose barke in the filing is as smooth as Velvet.

There is a lake of fresh water three myles in compasse, in the midst an Isle containing an acre or thereabout, overgrowne with wood: here are many Tortoises, and abundance of all sorts of foules, whose young ones we tooke and eate at our pleasure. Grounds nuts as big as egges, as good as Potatoes, and All sorts of shell-fish, as Schalops, Mussels, Cockles, Crabs, Lobsters, Welks, Oysters, exceeding good and very great; but not to cloy you with particulars, what God and nature hath bestowed on those places, I refer you to the Authors owne writing at large.

Here we espyed 7. Salvages, at first they expressed some feare, but by our courteous vsage of them, they followed vs to the necke of Land, which we thought had beene severed from the Mayne, but we found it otherwise. Here we imagined was a river, but because the day was farre spent, we left to discover it till better leasure. But of good Harbours, there is no doubt, considering the Land is all rocky and broken lands.

The next day we determined to fortifie our selues in the Isle in the lake. Three weekes we spent in building vs there a house. But the second day after our comming from the Mayne, Canows with neare Salvages came towards vs. They haue no Beards but counterfeits, as they did thinke ours also was: for which they would haue changed with some of our men that had great beards. Some of the baser for would steale; but the better sort, we found very civill and iust. We saw but three of their women, and they were but of meane stature, attyred in skins like the men, Page 18 but fat and well favoured. The whole somenesse and temperature of this climate, doth not onely argue the people to be answerable to this Description, but also of a perfect constitution of body, actiue, strong, healthfull, and very witty, as the fundry toyes by them so cunningly wrought may well testifie.

For our selues, we found our selues rather increase in health and strength then otherwise; for all our toyle, bad dyet and lodging; yet not one of vs was touched with any sicknesse. T'welue intended here a while to haue stayed, but vpon better consideration, how meanely we were provided, we left this Island with as many true sorrowfull eyes as were before desirous to see it the But yet mans minde doth such it selfe explay , As Gods great Will doth frame it every way. And, Such thoughts men haue, on earth that doe but liue , As men may craue, but God doth onely giue. Though they were much crossed by contrary windes vpon the coast of England , and the death of that ever most memorable, miracle of the world, our most deare soveraigne Lady and Queene Elizabeth : yet at last they passed by the westerne Isles, and about the 7.

Where they found plentie of most sorts of fish, and saw a high country full of great woods of sundry sorts. But because in this Voyage for most part they followed the course of Captaine Gosnoll , and haue made no relation but to the same effect he writ before, we will thus conclude; Lay hands vnto this worke with all thy wit, But pray that God would speed and perfit it.

Dangerous shoules. Cod and Whales. Their first landing. VPon tuesday the fift of March we set sayle from Ratcliffe , but by contrary winds we were forced into Dartmouth till the last of this moneth, then with We intended as we were directed towards the Southward of But the winds so crossed vs wee fell more Northwards about Being thus imbayed among those shoules, we were constrained to put back againe, which we did with no small danger, though both the winde and weather were as fayre as we could desire. Thus we parted from the Land, which we had not before so much desired, and at the first sight reioyced, as now we all ioyfully praysed God that he had delivered vs from so eminent danger. Here we found excellent Cod, and saw many Whales as we had done 2. The next day it appeared to vs a mayne high land, but we found it an Island of 6.

From hence we might discerne the mayne land and very high mountaines, the next day because we rode too open to the Sea, we waighed, and came to the Isles adioyning to the mayn: among which we found an excellent rode, defended from all windes, for ships of any burthen, in 6. This was vpon a Whitsonday, wherefore we called it Pentecost Harbour. We digged a Garden the After we had taken order for all our necessary businesses, we marched through two of these Isles.

The biggest was 4. Canowes that came towards the ship. Which after they had well viewed, one of them came aboord with 3. In this time our Captain had discovered a fayre river, trending into the mayne 40 myles, and returned backe to bring in the ship. The Salvages also kept their words and brought vs Bever, Otter, and sable skins, for the value of 5. At last they desired our Captaine to goe with them to the mayne to trade with their Bashabes , which is their chiefe Lord, which we did, our boat well manned with Page 20 Ores in their Canowes then we with 8.

These things considered, we conceited them to be but as all Salvages ever had beene, kinde till they found opportunitie to do mischiefe. Wherefore we determined to take some of them, before they should suspect we had discovered their plot, lest they should absent themselues from vs, so the first that ever after came into the ship were three which we kept, and two we tooke on shore with much adoe, with two Canowes, their bowes and arrowes. Some time we spent in sounding all the Isles, channels, and inlets thereabouts, and we found 4. In the interim there came 2.

Canowes more boldly aboord vs, signifying we should bring our ship to the place where he dwelt to trade. We excused our selues why we could not, but vsed them kindly, yet got them away with all the speed we could, that they should not be perceiued by them in the houle, then we went vp the river The woods are great, and tall, such as are spoken of in the Islands, and well watered with many fresh springs. Leaving our ship we went higher, till we were 7. When we had run After 2. God hath not all his gifts bestowed on all or any one , Words sweetest, and wits sharpest, courage, strength of bone; All rarities of minde and parts doe all concurre in none. Page 21 The second Booke. The latitude. BY these former relations you may see what incoveniences still crossed those good intents, and how great a matter it was all this time to finde but a Harbour, although there be so many.

But this Virginia is a Country in America betweene the degrees of The bounds thereof on the East side are the great Ocean : on the South lyeth Florida : on the North nova Francia : as for the West thereof, the limits are vnknowne. Of all this Country we purpose not to speake, but onely of that part which was planted by the English men in the yeare of our Lord, And this is under the degrees The temperature of this Country doth agree well with English constitutions, being once seasoned to the Country. The heat of sommer is in Iune, Iuly, and August, but commonly the coole Breeses asswage the vehemency of the heat. The chiefe of winter is halfe December, Ianuary, February, and halfe March. The colde is extreame sharpe, but here the Proverbe is true, that no extreame long continueth.

In the yeare But the next yeare for 8. The windes here are variable, but the like thunder and lightning to purifie the ayre, I haue seldome either seene or heard in Europe. From the Southwest came the greatest gusts with thunder and heat. The Northwest winde is commonly coole and bringeth faire weather with it. From the North is the greatest cold, and from the East and Southeast as from the Barmudas , fogs and raines. Some times there are great droughts, other times much raine, yet great necessitie of neither, by reason we see not but that all the raritie of needfull fruits in Europe , may be there in great plentie, by the industry of men, as appeareth by those we there Planted.

There is but one entrance by Sea into this Country, and that is at the mouth of a very goodly Bay, The cape on the South is called Cape Henry , in honour of our most noble Prince. The land white hilly sands like vnto the Downes, and all along the shores great plentie of Pines and Firres. The Isles before it, Smith's Isles, by the name of the discover. Here are mountaines, hils, plaines, valleyes, rivers, and brookes, all running most pleasantly into a faire Bay, compassed but for the mouth, with fruitfull and delightsome land. This Bay lyeth North and South, in which the water floweth neare From the head of the Bay to the Northwest, the land is mountanous, and so in a manner from thence by a Southwest line; So that the more Southward, the farther off from the Bay are those mountaines.

From which fall certaine brookes which after come to fiue principall navigable rivers. These run from the Northwest into the South east, and so into the West side of the Bay, where the fall of every River is within 20 or 15 myles one of another. The mountaines are of divers natures: for at the head of the Bay the rockes are of a composition like Mill stones. And many peeces like Christall we found, as throwne downe by water from those mountaines. For in Winter they are covered with much snow, and when it dissolveth the waters fall with such violence, that it causeth great inundations in some narrow valleyes, which is scarce perceived being once in the rivers. These waters wash from the rocks such glistering tinctures, that the ground in some places seemeth as guilded, where both the rocks and the earth are so splendent to behold, that better iudgements then ours might haue beene perswaded, they contained more then probabilities.

The vesture of the earth in most places doth manifestly proue the nature of the soyle to be lusty and very rich. The colour of the earth we found in diverse places, resembleth bole Armoniac, terra sigillata , and Lemnia , Fullers earth, Marle, and divers other such appearances. But generally for the most part it is a blacke sandy mould, in some places a fat slimy clay, in other places a very barren gravell. By the rivers are many plaine marishes, containing some 20 some On the west side of the Bay, we sayd were 5. The first of those, and the next to the mouth of the Bay hath his course from the West Northwest. It is called Powhatan , according to the name of a principall country that lyeth vpon it.

The mouth of this river is neare three myles in breadth, yet doe the shoules force the Channell so neare the land, that a Sacre will overshoot it at point blanke. It is navigable myles, the shouldes and soundings are here needlesse to be expressed. It falleth from Rockes farre west in a Country inhabited by a nation they call Monacans. But where it commeth into our discovery it is Powhatan. Thence in the running downeward, the river is enriched with many goodly brookes, which are maintained by an infinit number of small rundles and pleasant springs, that disperse themselues for best service, as do the veines of a mans body.

From the South there fals into it: First, the pleasant river of Apamatuck. Next more to the East are two small rivers of Quiyoughcohanocke. From the North side is the river of Chickahamania , the backe river of Iames Towne; another by the Cedar Isle , where we liued ten weekes vpon Oysters, then a convenient harbour for Fisher boats at Kecoughtan , that so turneth it selfe into Page 23 Bayes and Creekes, it makes that place very pleasant to inhabit; their cornefields being girded therein in a manner as Peninsulaes.

The most of these rivers are inhabited by severall nations, or rather families, of the name of the rivers They haue also over those some Governour, as their King, which they call Werowances. In a Peninsula on the North side of this river are the English Planted in a place by them called Iames Towne, in honour of the Kings most excellent Maiestie. The Paspaheghes on whose land is seated Iames Towne, some The river called Chickahamania neare The Weanocks The Arrowhatocks The place called Powhatan , some On the South side this river the Appamatucks haue sixtie fighting men.

The Qutyougcohanocks The Chesapeacks Of this last place the Bay beareth the name. In all these places is a severall commander, which they call Werowance , except the Chickahamanians , who are governed by the Priests and their Assistants, or their Elders called Caw-cawwassoughes. In sommer no place affordeth more plentie of Sturgeon , nor in winter more abundance of foule, especially in the time of frost. I tooke once 52 Sturgeons at a draught, at another From the later end of May till the end of Iune are taken few, but yong Sturgeons of two foot, or a yard long. From thence till the midst of September, them of two or three yards long and few others.

And in 4 or 5, houres with one Net were ordinarily taken 7 or 8: often more, seldome lesse. In the small rivers all the yeare there is good plentie of small fish, so that with hookes those that would take paines had sufficient. Foureteene myles Northward from the river Powhatan , is the river Pamavnkee, which is navigable 60 or 70 myles, but with Catches and small Barkes 30 or 40 myles farther. At the ordinary flowing of the salt water, it divideth it selfe into two gallant branches. On the South side inhabit the people of Youghtanund , who haue about 60 men for warres. On the North branch Mattapament , who haue 30 men. Where this river is divided the Country is called Pamavnkee , and nourisheth neare able men.

About 25 myles lower on the North side of this river is Werawocomoco , where their great King inhabited when I was delivered him prisoner; yet there are not past 40 able men. Ten or twelue myles lower, on the South side of this river, is Chiskiack , which hath some 40 or 50 men. These, as also Apamatuck Irrohatock , and Powhatan , are their great Kings chiefe alliance, and inhabitants. The rest his Conquests. Before we come to the third river that falleth from the mountaines, there is another river some 30 myles navigable that commeth from the Inland, called Payankatanke , the Inhabitants are about 50 or 60 serviceable men.

The third navigable river is called Toppahanock. This is navigable some myles At the top of it inhabit the people called Mannahoacks amongst the mountaines, but they are aboue the place we described. Vpon this river on the North side are the people Cuttatawomen , with 30 fighting men. Higher are the Moraughtacunds , with Beyond them Rapahanock with Far aboue is another Cuttatawomen with On the South is the pleasant seat of Nantaughtacund having men.

This river also as the two former, is replenished with fish and foule. The fourth river is called Patawomeke , 6 or 7 myles in breadth. It is navigable myles , and fed as the rest with many sweet rivers and springs, which fall from the bordering hils. These hils many of them are planted, and yeeld no lesse plentie and varietie of fruit, then the river exceedeth with abundance of fish. It is inhabited on both sides. The Onawmanient with And the Patawomekes more then Here doth the river divide it selfe into 3 or 4 convenient branches. The greatest of the least is called Quiyough , trending Northwest, but the river it selfe turneth Northeast, and is still a navigable streame.

On the Westerne side of this bought is Tauxenent with 40 men. On the North of this river is Secowocomoco with Somewhat further Potapaco with In the East part is Pamacaeack Page 24 with After Moyowance with And lastly, Nacotchtanke with The river aboue this place maketh his passage downe a low pleasant valley overshaddowed in many places with high rocky mountaines; from whence distill innumerable sweet and pleasant springs. The fift river is called Pawtuxunt , of a lesse proportion then the rest; but the channell is 16 fadome deepe in some places.

Here are infinit skuls of divers kindes of fish more then elswhere. Vpon this river dwell the people called Acquintanacksuak, Pawtuxunt , and Mattapanient. Two hundred men was the greatest strength that could be there perceived. But they inhabit together, and not so dispersed as the rest. These of all other we found most civil to giue intertainement. Thirtie leagues Northward is a river not inhabited, yet navigable; for the red clay resembling bole Armoniack we called it Bolus.

At the end of the Bay where it is 6 or 7 myles in breadth, it divides it selfe into 4. Vpon it is seated the Sasquesahanocks , neare it North and by West runneth a creeke a myle and a halfe: at the head whereof the Eble left vs on shore, where we found many trees cut with hatchets. The next tyde keeping the shore to seeke for some Salvages; for within thirtie leagues sayling, we saw not any, being a barren Country, we went vp another small river like a creeke 6 or 7 myle.

Having lost our Grapnell among the rocks of Sasquesahanocks , we were then neare myles from home, and our Barge about two tuns, and had in it but 12 men to performe this Discovery, wherein we lay aboue 12 weekes vpon those great waters in those vnknowne Countries, having nothing but a little meale, oatemeale and water to feed vs, and searce halfe sufficient of that for halfe that time, but what provision we got among the Salvages, and such rootes and fish as we caught by accident, and Gods direction; nor had we a Mariner nor any had skill to trim the sayles but two saylers and my selfe, the rest being Gentlemen, or them were as ignorant in such toyle and labour. Yet necessitie in a short time by good words and examples made them doe that that caused them ever after to feare no colours.

Lost Memories. I am base, Raging Desires In A Midsummer Nights Dream father the mean keeper of his prison, And he a prince. Presently he said, with something of hope in Raging Desires In A Midsummer Nights Dream voice—. Home of the Lilithbornes.