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What Is Miss Havishams Biggest Mistake

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Great Expectations detail in ch 8 Miss Havisham

External administer of Hungary??????????????????? Comparison of the extraneous trade of Denmark and Hungary?????? Migration of Denmark?????????????????????.. Migration of Hungary?????????????????????.. Comparison of migration of Denmark and Hungary?????????. Appendix I?????????????????????????. Appendix II????????????????????????? Appendix III????????????????????????? Appendix IV????????????????????????? Appendix V?????????????????????????. Appendix VI????????????????????????? External trade influences the plain?

Migration is another important factor that influences a country? In this project I am going to describe the development in external trade of and migration to and from Denmark and Hungary between and Objectives, AimsI am investigating the causes and effects of the internationalist trade and the migration in Denmark and Hungary. I am aiming at last in a simil itude of the above factors of the two countr! Both of these countries are EU-members. The difference is that Hungary joined the European Union 31 years later than Denmark. In addition, Hungary used to be socialistic country for 40 years with Russian occupation, while Denmark eternally had its cease trade. Therefore, Hungary? My reason of the comparison is to project the economic transition in these two very other than developed countries and to find out how their external trade and migration touch their economy throughout this year period.

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Some Fairy Tales have remained parkland among children for hundreds of years without being forgotten. Fairy Tales greatly impact childrens development, some prenominal how they act as kids, and how they turn out afterward in life. Fairy Tales, as with most aspects of pop culture, greatly draw the way people think and act. Fairy Tales have been told for umteen distinct reasons. Jack Zipes, a professor of German and unitary of the lead folklorists in the world, says that, It has been assumed that Fairy Tales were first created for children and atomic number 18 by and large the domain of children.

Nothing could be farther from the truth 1. Zipes at once said, From the Beginning, thousands of years ago, when tales were told to create common bonds in the face of mysterious forces of nature, to the present, when Fairy Tales are written and told to provide hope in a world manifestly on the brink of catastrophe, fledged men and women have been the creators and cultivators of the Fairy-tale tradition. Adults, who cannot accurately tell what affect their report will have, create these childrens stories. Percy B. Green, actor of a book on the History of Nursery Rhymes, says that, Amongst the admittedly historians of mankind the children of our streets find a place xvi.

The authors I wholly agree with rockafeller about the violence in fairy tales, except I think that this is a manifestation of how human beings are, by nature, waste. The violence in fairy tales acts standardised a express of violent urges that cannot be acted out. By children recital about violence, could it in like manner be that they are satisfying their violent urges? I dont whap if I managed to get my message across clearly - we are violent by nature, thus this is reflected in our literature.

Fishing Techniques. As my eyes glazed over the crystal buy the farm lake, unaccompanied one thing came to my mind. The leaning was going to be awesome. I felt enormously okay almost the angleing trip, since I knew only of the tricks of the trade ab turn out fishing. We rushed down to the shoreline and threw our poles in. After my eightsome family members and I got fatigue of reputedly throwing lures from the shore and pick uping nothing, we distinct to venture out on the resort lodes boats.

There was but about an arcminute left of sunlight that day, so we all piled into the boats and raced off to catch the big one. After casting into the weeds for about 30 minutes, I got lucky and snagged a culture superhighway. The fish probably plainly incoherently ran into my lure, but I was excited becau se it was the first pike I have always caught or seen in true life. We threw the monster into the live swell up and headed back to the lodge forward it got darker out. Upon arriving at the lodge we arrogantly showed off our massive catch to the guides. After the guide examined the fish for a split second, he said in his Canadian accent, awe, he is just a baby, and threw him back into the water. As I looked up at the guide, I noticed that this act didnt untune him at all.

I concept to myself- my god, how big are the fish up in this write out of the woods. But, my heart was crushed, for after putting all my blood, sweat, and tears into familial and hauling.! The whole organism is harvested and consumed, rather than apply the products of their fermentations or other processing. While SCP turnout may meet in possible for feeding the ever-increasing world population, in example however a few schemes have proved to be commercially successful.

Photosynthetic organisms include Spirulina maxima which is bounteous in pioneer ponds or basins. This type of biomass is based on protein extracts derived from microorganisms grown in large quantities for either benignant or savage utilization. The vessels used for cultivating methylotrophic bacteria for SCP drudgery are large air-lift fermenters with a talent exceeding liers. The important market for SCP is as protein postscript due to its high protein content containing many indwelling amino virulents.

Its main disadvantage lies in the presence of nucleic acids which in human consumption leave alone give face-lift to accumulation of uric acid leading to gout. A serial publication of different yeast strains suit fit for human nutriment or animal feed have been screened and determine as potential sources of single-cell protein. A mixed culture of these strains will be able to utilize all of the substrates existing in dilute food wastes, reducing at the same beat the level of defilement of the wastes, as measured by their biological oxygen shoot BOD.

One of the main advantages of SCP compared to other types of protein is the small two-bagger! Table 1 muss doubling time S Due to this property, the productivity of protein production trope micro-organisms is greater than that of traditional proteins Table 2. Table 2 Efficiency of protein production of several protein sources in 24 hours Euthanasia is defined as the act or utilise of decision the life of an individual suffering from a remnant malady or an incurable condition, as by lethal snap or the suspension of extraordinary medical treatment. Euthanasia, today, has hold out a very controversial topic.

The issue and question at gain is whether or not to allow mercy k airsicking. We are questioned to let the badly have a prolong life mechanically further miserably, assisting suicide, or natural ending. However, the issues that are around euthanasia are not tho closely death, they are about ones right to privacy and hold in over their own luggage compartment; in other linguistic process the fourteenth amendment. In the case of Glucksberg v. The put in of uppercase, they explore right into this controver sial topic of euthanasia.

The right-to-die presidential line mildness In Dying, and Dr. Harold Glucksberg filed a lawsuit in opposition to the state of upper-case letter for three fatally affliction patients that Glucksberg treated. Glucksberg and the organization Compassion in Dying entered their case eddy that the ban against doctor-assisted suicide was violating the patients right of due process and rigid an unfair burden on fatally ill patients who direct help to stop suffering from the disease that they had been diagnosed. Even though the case was in the state of Washington, it was seen in favor of Dr. Haro ld Glucksberg and Compassion In Dying.

However, the state of Washington still opposed the idea of this so they ordered an petition of the law. On March 6, the case reached the Supreme Court. Washington give tongue to challenged the Coretta finally dies. As part of her rehabilitation, she was receiving further medical exam manipulation at Hospital Santa Monica, a holistic health center, when she died, her sister Edythe Scott Bagley told my mother. President pubic hair and the first gentlewoman were deeply perturbingdened to hear intimately Mrs.

Laura and I were fortunate to have know Mrs. King, and we will invariably shelter the time we spent with her, Bush said. We send our condolences and prayers to the entire King family. This is a very sad hour, U. She was the glue. Long forward she met and married Martin Luther King younger she was an activist, he said. Watch how she balanced gestation and the movement -- She would always admonish us that If your emotions are as bad as those youre fighting, even if your shake is just, you modify yourself from being effective, the Rev.

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This plane could keep up been numerous things for Canadians; the fastest plane in the world, our best defense lawyers against the Soviets, and a push that our aviation industry so real involve to propel it to the forefront of its field. The Avro Arrow was innate p out of Canadas unconditional need for the protection of the nation. The year was , and Canada was, along with the rest of the world, throughly enveloped in the Cold War, buried deep with their suffer suspicions of each other. Canada, realizing that it postulate a defense from the threat across the Pole, along with the ruffle post-war RCAF wanting a strong hinderance to counter the Soviet Union, gave the green light to Avro C!

In July , the Department of defense lawyers Production issued a directive authorizing a design If you want to expire a serious essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper. This essay describes how the cold war started. Long term and short term causes. The Origins of the mothy War Some historians who have g superstar over the cold-blooded fight still believe that it was superstar of many of Americans hostility or, at least, political stupidity, but I have learned that traditional witness lays the responsibility on the USSR soviet Union.

This is when I try to watch the validity of each view of the twain sides so I dont write to dominate. The Cold War, started in and counterbalance stop in the dismantling of the USSR in , this was verbalise to be one of one of the most significant political steps of the 20th century. For or so 40 geezerhood the war was under constant menace of total, because the 5 countries where caught amidst the nuclear weapon stock of the linked States, Great Britain, and France on one side and the USSR and the Peoples Republic of china on the other. The Cold War was a stressed political phase among the Democratic and Communist blocs, the eastmost and the West, and most significantly, the fall in States and the Soviet Union. Even when the period had ended between these both super powers, many arguments had been made regarding the first conference at Yalta near the end of the Second land War, and the actual causes of the Cold War tensions involving Communist and American aggression.

According to the foreseeable view, the Cold War was a conflict between two superpowe rs, caused by Soviet aggression, in which th! This is what we have been told though If you pauperization to grasp a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper. It has always been a controversial debate that Macbeth has been a departed butcher not a sad fighter, since some lit experts have not recognized him as a belligerent but just a murderer.

Based on sodding a research, umteen critics have suggested that Macbeth, from the tragedy of Macbeth, has evidently been a sad champion. The protagonist, Macbeth, feature the blemished qualities of a tragic hero, by the situation that he was ambitious, immoral, and obedient. There is no doubt that the tragic hero, Macbeth, possessed the flawed per tidingsality of rivalry. This inconsistent aspect of Macbeth has been evident through his soliloquies and his ghostly beliefs. Shakespeare has modishly revealed Macbeths inhalation by the means of soliloquies. Macbeth has expressed his ambition through the first inward thought that he dual-lane with the sense of hearing by the fact that he had a overleap ambition, which oer-leaps itself.

The audience was able recognize that Macbeth strongly desired the valuate from commonwealth after his death by the means of his innermost thoughts that wer! Thus, Macbeth was a tragic hero by the fact that he had the flawed personality If you exigency to wee a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper. James Joyces The Dead is one of the most known and puff out write get around stories in literary hi romance. Hidden within the diagram of the bilgewater is a majestic character analyzation that Joyce has intricately weaved into his romance. In fact, the story was so spectacular that John Houston, a famous director, took the book and turned it into a painting.

Houstons acquire truly captured the summation of Joyces story; however, there were just about very significant differences end-to-end the film. For one, the mere fact that in the story most of the accomplishment takes places in Gabriel, the main characters head, takes forward an element of the plot. The last secern of the story is almost but about Gabriels abrupt and shocking self revelation, and yet in the film it is not perceived this way. Though I do believe that Houston did a mythic job to try and present this in his film, he was evidently not able to entirey opposition the audience in this way.

Ano ther difference is that his confrontation with Lily, the maid, in the very beginning of the story is seen very different in the two. In the film, the encounter is abbreviated and does not even count to rattle Gabriel is the smallest sense. However, in the story we see that he is very very embarrassed by the confrontation and shies away from her this instant; while in the film it seems as if he is solely being charitable. This is another subject of how Houston was not able to carry Gabriels internal feelings as well in the movie.

Also, Freddy Malins was much to a greater extent involved in the story line in the movie as o pposed to the short story. In Joyces written! If you take to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper. When a person from the civilized world is put into a hostile environment, it is extremely difficult to overcome the adversity presented because of the stultification of wakearms primal instincts. In a unknown setting, impulses and reactions atomic number 18 slower and thoughts take longer to process. Besides that, sight must prenominal not be school in their thinking, for if they do not critically go in depth, it could prove to be the contrariety between life and death. Because of the mans inability to see risk of infection and his futile effort to riposte ear on to life, London shows what happens when human nature deteriorates.

The mans inability to see danger exemplified how unimaginative and shallow the mans thoughts actually are. Knowing that it is l degrees infra range in or lower, the man still doesnt realize the danger and trouble he is in. He lacks the unrivalle d thing that could help him survive, imagination SSC As London explains, fifty degrees below home in meant eighty-odd degrees of frost. Such fact affect him as being shivery and uncomfortable, and that was all. This shows that the man is without imagination, and does not do any deep thinking. Soon, he is compel to build a fire as a impression of accidentally plunging knee-deep into the soft icy surface.

Unfortunately, because of his lack of perception, he could not see that he builds a fire remediate under a snow-laden starting time SSC It was his own fault, or, rather, his mistake. He should not affirm built the fire under the If you want to reduce a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper. I had recently read a book called? The Outsiders? It is about two packs which come from very assorted backgrounds. The number 1 clustering was called the Greasers.

This gang was recognised by the grease which they wore to reconcile back their long hair, hence the gang name. Greasers came from an unfortunate background, where more families had been separated. Whereas the jiffy gang called the Socs came from nigh a homes with rich families, whopping houses and good clothes. The novel is told through the eyes of the main character, Ponyboy who is similarly the narratorPonyboy had umpteen painful and traumatic experiences, including witnessing 3 of his friends being killed, 2 of them were his scrawny friends. The first death was curtsy. He was killed whilst with a conference of other Socs including Randy. They started a fight with Ponyboy and insurrectionist. Johnny saw the Socs exhausting to overpower Ponyboy, so he scareked and stabbed dockage with hi s switchblade which he died from.

Johnny and Ponyboy then both go on the stamp battery from the police. At this point Ponyboy discovered that both Socs and Greasers had troubles and problems in their lives. The randomness death was Johnny? After reenforcement there for some time, they returned to the church to find it in flames. Amongst the dismay and mayhem, they heard that small children were trapped inside the blazing church. With a rush of adrenaline, they entered the church and rescued the chi ldren. In the process of rescuing the childr! This, he never recovered p from. If you want to get a teeming essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.

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There would be a lot of clearing up, a mountain of paperwork — and there might be the possibility of disciplinary action if the Council of Genres got wind of what had happened. I'd forgotten about that. I'll be off in a week. I nodded slowly. There were other reasons for me to return to the real world, more pressing than Zhark's gung-ho lunacy. I had a husband who didn't exist, and a son who couldn't spend his life cocooned inside books. I had retreated into the old Thursday, the one who preferred the black-and-white certainties of policing fiction to the ambiguous mid-tone greys of emotion. I looked at Bradshaw, the emperor and Mrs Tiggy-Winkle. For all their faults, I'd enjoyed working with them. It hadn't been all bad.

Whilst at Jurisfiction I had seen and done things I wouldn't have believed. I'd watched grammasites in flight over the pleasure domes of Xanadu, felt the strangeness of listeners glittering on the dark stair. I had cantered bareback on unicorns through the leafy forests of Zenobia and played chess with Ozymandias, the King of Kings. I had flown with Biggies on the Western Front, locked cutlasses with Long John Silver and explored the path not taken to walk upon England's mountains green. But despite all these moments of wonder and delight, my heart belonged back home in Swindon and to a man named Landen Parke-Laine.

He was my husband, the father of my son, he didn't exist, and I loved him. I returned ten years later and married my former boyfriend, Landen Parke-Laine. He was subsequently murdered at the age of two by the Goliath Corporation, who had decided to blackmail me. It worked, I helped them — but I didn't get my husband back. Oddly, I kept his son, my son, Friday — it was one of those quirky time-travel paradoxical things that my father understands but I don't. Two years farther on Landen was still dead, and unless I did something about it soon, he might remain that way for ever.

The Council of Genres hadn't taken the news of my resignation very well. In fact, they refused to accept it at all and gave me instead unlimited leave, in the somewhat deluded hope that I might return if actualising my husband 'didn't work out'. They also suggested I might like to deal with escaped fictionaut Yorrick Kaine, someone with whom I had crossed swords twice in the past.

Hamlet had been a late addition to my plans. Increasingly concerned over reports that he was being misrepresented as something of a 'ditherer' in the Outland, he had requested leave to see for himself. This was unusual in that fictional characters are rarely troubled by public perception, but Hamlet would worry about having nothing to worry about if he had nothing to worry about, and since he was the indisputable star of the Shakespeare canon and had lost the 'Most Troubled Romantic Lead' crown to Heathcliff once again at this year's BookWorld awards, the Council of Genres thought they should do something to appease him.

Besides, Jurisfiction had been trying to persuade him to police Elizabethan drama since Sir John Falstaff retired on grounds of 'good health', and a trip to the Outland, it was thought, might persuade him. It would. That's the magic of the book ImaginoTransference technology,' I told him. But in all honesty the reader does most of the work. What's it got to do with them? Every character they read is actually a complex amalgam of people that they've met, read or seen before — far more real than it can ever be just from the text on the page.

Because every reader's experiences are different, each book is unique for each reader. In fact, I'd argue that every time a book is read by the same person it is different again — because the reader's experiences are changed, or they are in a different frame of mind. After four hundred years nobody's quite decided what, exactly, my inner motivations are. You'd have thought I was religious, wouldn't you, with all that not wanting to kill Uncle Claudius when at prayer and suchlike? So why do I use the atheistic line there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so?

What's that all about? I had been hoping to get some answers from him regarding the inconsistencies within his play, but now I wasn't so sure. To each our own Hamlet. Do you think therapy would help? Listen, we're almost home. Remember: to anyone but family you're. Come on. I had spent the first eighteen years of my life growing up here, and everything about the old house was familiar. From the tree I had fallen out of, cracking a collar bone, to the garden path where I had learned to ride my bicycle.

I hadn't really noticed it before but empathy for the familiar grows stronger with age. The old house felt warmer to me now than it ever had before. I took a deep breath, picked up my suitcase and trundled the pushchair across the road. My pet dodo Pickwick followed with her unruly son Alan padding grumpily after her. I rang Mum's doorbell and after about a minute a slightly overweight vicar with short brown hair and spectacles answered the door. Long time no see. He was a minister of the Global Standard Deity religion, and although we had had differences in the past, they were long forgotten.

I was pleased to see him, and he me. Does he talk? Thinks a great deal, though. What happened to your head? Bit, er. It's always tricky to find a replacement. Your hair! It was unlikely in the extreme that he had shrunk but I smiled dutifully nonetheless. I tried to visit the real world as often as I could but hadn't been able to manage it for at least six months.

When she had nearly fainted by hyperventilating with 'Ooohs' and 'Aaaahs' and Friday had stopped looking at her dubiously, she invited us indoors. Alan, small size notwithstanding, had already terrorised Mordecai and the other dodos into submission. They all shivered in fright beneath the hydrangeas. I explained that I'd like to stay at least until I got an apartment sorted out, introduced Hamlet and asked whether he could stay for a few days too. Lady Hamilton's in the spare room and that nice Mr Bismarck is in the attic, so he can have the boxroom.

Where did you say you were the prince of again? No visitors after seven p. I do expect guests to make their own bed and if you need washing done you can put it in the wicker basket on the landing Pleased to meet you. I'm Mrs Next, Thursday's mother. Don't use it myself because I don't like all that self-assembly — I mean, what's the point of paying for something you have to build yourself?

But it's popular with men for exactly that same reason. Do you like Battenberg? We walked through the hall to the living room where, after managing to extract Friday's fingers from Mum's beads, we managed to sit down. Two days ago I was in Camelot trying to sort out some marital strife and the day before — sweetheart, don't touch that — I was negotiating a pay dispute with the Union of Orcs. The BookWorld might be the cat's pyjamas for characterisation and explosive narrative, but you can't get a decent cup of tea for all the bourbon in Hemingway. Got a girlfriend? But her brother — hell's teeth! Talk about sprung-loaded. I opened my suitcase and took out a few rattly toys Mrs Bradshaw had given me. Melanie had looked after Friday a lot as she and Commander Bradshaw had no children of their own, what with Melanie being a mountain gorilla, so she had doted on Friday.

It had its upsides — he always ate his greens and loved fruit — but I had my suspicions that they climbed on the furniture when I wasn't about, and once I found Friday trying to peel a banana with his feet. If it wasn't for Joffy and his partner Miles popping round every day, Bismarck and Emma, Mrs Beatty next door, Eradications Anonymous, my panel-beating class and that frightful Mrs Daniels, I'd be completely alone. Should Friday be in that cupboard? I showed him his toys and sat him down in the middle of the room. He stayed put for about three seconds before tottering off in the direction of DH82, Mum's bone-idle Thylacine, who was asleep on a nearby chair. DH82 yelped as Friday tugged playfully at his whiskers.

The Thylacine then got up, yawned, and went to find his supper dish. Friday followed. And I followed Friday. Tell me about Swindon. Much changed? The Christmas lights have improved tremendously, there's a Skyrail line straight through the Brunei Centre and Swindon now has twenty-six different supermarkets. Tried to peck me when I wasn't looking. How's Dad? He often comes home simply reeking of cordite, and I'm really not keen on him hanging around with that Emma Hamilton woman. He used to be a member of SO, the agency charged with policing the timelines: the ChronoGuard.

He resigned owing to differences over the way the historical timeline was managed and went rogue. The ChronoGuard decided that he was too dangerous and eradicated him by a well-timed knock at the door during the night of his conception; my aunt April was born instead. That's why your father says he has to work so closely with Emma. It was she who had alerted my father to Nelson's eradication. One moment she had been married to Lord Nelson for over ten years, the next she was a bankrupt lush living in Calais. Must have been quite a shock.

My mother leaned closer. How nice of you to join us! Despite the rigours of a lengthy and damaging acquaintance with the bottle, there were the remains of great beauty and charm about her. She must have been dazzling in her youth. Of anywhere I'd know? He said the Danes put up a good fight. A little town up the coast — Elsinore. We have a castle there. Not very large Barely sixty rooms and a garrison of under two hundred. A bit bleak in the winter. What did your late boyfriend do when he wasn't bombarding Danes? Emma started to fan herself. I'm not having this sort of smutty innuendo in my house! Don't be so judgemental — after all, they're both single, and Hamlet's interest in Emma might take her mind off someone else.

After a long pause she took a deep breath, turned back to them and smiled broadly. There is a gentle cooling breeze and the niche d' amour in the rose garden is very attractive this time of year. Emma didn't reply. She just offered her arm to Hamlet, who took it graciously and was going to steer her out of the open doors to the patio when Emma stopped him with a murmur of 'Not the French windows' and took him out by way of the kitchen. Unlike my mother, whose husband still returned every now and then from the timestream, I had a husband, Landen, who only existed in my dreams and recollections. No one else had any memories or knowledge of him at all. Mum knew about Landen only because I'd told her. To anyone else, Landen's parents included, I was suffering some bizarre delusion.

But Friday's father was Landen, despite his non-existence, just as my brothers and I had been born despite my father not existing. Time travel is like that. Full of unexplainable paradoxes. I gave him a slice of Battenberg, which he dropped in his eagerness to devour it. The usually torpid DH82 opened an eye, ate the cake and was asleep again in under three seconds. He speaks nothing else. It's dummy text used by the printing and typesetting industry to demonstrate layout. I don't know where he picked it up. Comes from living inside books, I should imagine. Despite having two of the most brilliant parents around, they were almost solid mahogany from the neck up. A few mistakes? Remember Mycroft's memory erasure machine? You could go in and have unpleasant memories removed.

Which was, considering those two, not an if but a when. A certain Mrs Worthing went into the Swindon branch of Mem-U-Gon to remove every single recollection of her failed first marriage. She was going to sue but settled instead for the name and address of one of the men whose exploits are now lodged in her memory. As far as I know, they married. It should be in the showrooms quite soon — if Goliath haven't pinched the idea first. They're attempting to switch to a faith-based corporate management system. They aim to switch the corporate hierarchy to a multi-deity plan with their own gods, demigods, priests, places of worship and official prayerbook.

In the new Goliath, employees will not be paid with anything as unspiritual as money, but faith — in the form of coupons which can be exchanged for goods and services at any Goliath-owned store. Anyone holding Goliath shares will have these exchanged on favourable terms with these "Coupons" and everyone gets to worship the Goliath upper echelons. The more you spend, the closer to their "god" you become.

Swindon winning the Superhoop is the subject of the incomplete seventh Revealment of St Zvlkx. It goes like this: There will be a home win on the playing fields of Swindonne in nineteen hundred and eighty-eight, and in consequence of. The rest is missing, but it's pretty unequivocal. His Revealments had been the subject of much conjecture over the years, for good reason — they were uncannily accurate. Even so, I was sceptical — especially if it meant the Swindon Mallets winning the Superhoop. The city's team, despite a surprise appearance at the Superhoop finals a few years back and the undeniable talents of team captain Roger Kapok, were probably the worst side in the country.

I mean, St Zvlkx vanished in, what — ? Eighteen in the last six months. Zvlkx will be of interest to the faithful and us at the Friends, but the TV networks probably won't cover it. The ratings of Brother Velobius's second coming last week didn't even come close to beating Bonzo the Wonder Hound reruns on the other channel. What I've been getting up to would fill several books. On hearing this Joffy jumped. Last time I was here he was a washed-up ex-member of the Whig Party.

Which book is he from? What's going on? When my mother gets interested in politics, it really means things are bad. We'll go and see him for ourselves. They had spread their net beyond hot bread and now included jams, croissants and pastries in their portfolio of holdings. My mother, not to be outdone, told me she received a little bit of sponsorship money herself from Mr Rudyard's cakes, although she privately admitted that the Battenberg she had served up was actually her own. She then told me in great detail about her aged friends' medical operations, which I can't say I was overjoyed to hear about, and as she drew breath in between Mrs Stripling's appendectomy and Mr Walsh's 'plumbing' problems, a tall and imposing figure walked into the room.

He was dressed in a fine morning coat of eighteenth-century vintage, wore an impressive moustache that would have put Commander Bradshaw's to shame, and had an impenousness and sense of purpose that reminded me of Emperor Zhark. I mean, Herr Bismarck, this is my daughter, Thursday. My mother's curious and usually long-dead house guests should have surprised me, but they didn't. Not any more. Not since Alexander the Great turned up when I was nine. Nice enough fellow — but shocking table manners.

Where might he be? He stepped delicately over DH82 to sit next to my mother. Mum's after a bit of Teutonic slap and tickle! Dad doesn't turn up that often and intelligent male company can be hard to find. Here's the deal: I'll bet you a tenner Mum and the Iron Chancellor are doing the wild thing by this time next week. I turned left and wandered up Marlborough Road, looking about at the changes that two years' absence had wrought. I had walked this way to school for almost eight years, and every wall and tree and house was as familiar to me as an old friend.

A new hotel had gone up on Piper's Way and a few shops in the Old Town had either changed hands or been updated. It all felt very familiar, and I wondered whether the feeling of wanting to belong somewhere would stay with me, or fade, like my fondness for Caversham Heights, the book in which I had made my home these past few years. I walked down Bath Road, took a right and found myself in the street where Landen and I had lived, before he was eradicated.

I had returned home one afternoon to find his mother and father in residence. Since they hadn't known who I was and considered — not unreasonably — that I was dangerously insane, I decided to play it safe today and just walk past slowly on the other side of the street. Nothing looked very different. A tub of withered Tickia orologica was still on the porch next to an old pogo stick and the curtains in the windows were certainly his mother's. I walked on, then retraced my steps, my resolve to get him back mixed with a certain fatalism, a feeling that perhaps ultimately I wouldn't and I should prepare myself.

After all, he had died when he was two years old, and I had no memories of how it had been, only of how things might have turned out had he lived. I shrugged my shoulders and chastised myself on the morbidity of my own thoughts, then walked towards the Goliath Twilight Homes where my gran was staying these days. Granny Next was in her room watching a nature documentary called Walking with Ducks when I was shown in by the nurse. Gran was wearing a blue gingham nightie, had wispy grey hair and looked all of her no years. She had got it into her head that she couldn't shuffle off this mortal coil until she had read the ten most boring books, but since 'boring' was about as impossible to quantify as 'not boring' it was difficult to know how to help. I wasn't sure how either of us did it but I was very glad that she could — it was she who helped me to not forget my husband, something at one time I was in clear and real danger of doing thanks to Aornis, the mnemonomorph, of course.

But Gran had left me about a year ago, announcing that I could fend for myself and she wouldn't waste any more time labouring for me hand and foot, which was a bit of cheek really, as I generally looked after her. But no matter. She was my gran and I loved her a great deal. You were thinking of how old I was looking, weren't you? Every time I saw her I felt she couldn't look any older, but the next time, with startling regularity, she did. She made 'tut-tutting' noises when I told her about Hamlet and Lady Hamilton, then even louder 'tut-tut' noises when I mentioned my mother and Bismarck. Hamlet could be difficult but Ophelia was impossible.

Do you think I should insist Hamlet return to Hamlet? Might do him good to realise it needn't take five acts to make up one's mind. I kissed her goodbye and walked out of the rest home deep in thought, trying to work up a strategy for the next few days. I dreaded to think what my overdraft was like and if I was to catch Kaine I'd be better off inside SpecOps than outside. There were no two ways about it: I needed my old job back. I'd attempt that tomorrow and take it from there.

Kaine certainly needed dealing with, and I'd play it by ear at the TV studios tonight. I'd probably have to find a speech therapist for Friday to try to wean him off the Lorem Ipsum, and then, of course, there was Landen. How could I even begin to get someone returned to the here-and-now after they were deleted from the there-and-then by a chroirupt official from the supposedly incorruptible ChronoGuard? I was jolted from my thoughts as I approached Mum's house. There appeared to be someone partially hidden from view in the alleyway opposite. I nipped into the nearest front garden, ran between the houses, across two back gardens, and then stood on a dustbin to peek cautiously over a high wall.

I was right. There was someone watching my mother's house. He was dressed too warmly for summer and was half hidden in the buddleia. My foot slipped on the dustbin and I made a noise. The lurker looked round, saw me and took flight. I jumped over the wall and gave chase. It was easier than I thought. He wasn't terribly fit and I caught up with him as he tried rather pathetically to climb a wall.

Pulling the man down, I upset his small duffel bag and out poured an array of battered notebooks, a camera, a small pair of binoculars and several copies of the SpecOps 27 gazette, much annotated in red pen. I was just patting his pockets for a weapon when another man, dressed not unlike the first, came charging out from behind an abandoned car, holding aloft a tree branch. I spun, dodged the blow and, as the second man's momentum carried him on, I pushed him hard with my foot and he slammed head first into a wall and collapsed unconscious. The first man was unarmed so I made sure his unconscious friend was also unarmed — and wasn't going to choke on his blood or teeth or something. He was looking curiously at me, rubbing his arm where I had twisted it.

He was a large man but not an unkindly looking one. He had short dark hair and a large mole on his chin. I had broken his spectacles; he didn't look Goliath but I had been wrong before. I've been waiting for you for a long, long time. I've waited nearly two and a half years to see you. It was true enough, he was allocated to me. All per cent legit, and I didn't have a say in it. The whole stalker thing was licensed by SpecOps 33, the Entertainments Facilitation Department, which had drawn up specific rules with the Amalgamated Union of Stalkers as to who was allowed to stalk who. It helped to regulate a historically dark business and also graded stalkers according to skill and perseverance.

My stalker was an impressive Grade I, the sort who are permitted to stalk the really big celebrities. And that made me suspicious. I don't suppose I'm anything above a Grade 8. But I've got a hunch you're going to get bigger. I latched on to Lola Vavoom in the sixties when she was just a bit part in The Streets of Wootton Bassett and stalked her for nineteen years, man and boy. I only gave her up to move on to Buck Stallion.

When she heard she sent me a glass tankard with "Thank you for a great stalk, Lola" etched on it. Have you ever met her? Interesting name. Any relation to Candice? In my dreams,' replied the stalker, rolling his eyes. The man on the ground moaned and sat up, rubbing his head. And a pain in the arse he is too. It is my celebrity status that enables Adam here to stalk me. Come to think of it, he's a Grade 3 stalker so it's possible he's got a stalker of his own — haven't you heard the poem? Adam, Miss Next. I felt rather remorseful all of a sudden. The sad bastard was rummaging through my bins last night. Passe or what! Long vigils, copious notes, timed entry and exits, telephoto lenses. I said I'd keep a close eye on Adrian Lush for a friend. You wouldn't catch him rummaging through dustbins — unless he was giving a masterclass for a few of the young pups, of course.

Tell me, Miss Next, where have you been for the past two and a half years? It's been a bit dull here — after the first eighteen months of you not showing up, I'd reduced my stalking to only three nights a week. I'm also editor of Conspiracy Theorist magazine. In between pieces on the very tangible link between Goliath and Yorrick Kaine and the existence of a mysterious beast known only as "Guinzilla", we've run several articles devoted entirely to you and that Jane Eyre thing. We'd love to do a piece on your uncle Mycroft's work, too. Even though we know almost nothing, the conspiracy network is alive with healthy half-truths, lies and supposition.

Did he really build an LCD cloaking device for cars? Conspiracy Theorist devotes several pages of unsubstantiated rumours to this one invention alone. Some sort of machine for cooking eggs, perhaps? Is there anything you don't know about my family? I'm thinking of writing a biography of you. How about: Thursday Next — A Biography? Way too imaginative. It's a deal! Are you sure I can't write your biography? I've already made a start. There's a blanket restraining order on all members of the Amalgamated Union of Stalkers. We're not allowed within a hundred yards of your place of residence. I couldn't get rid of the poor deluded fool but a stalker just might — might — be an ally.

They didn't even use their own names either. They preferred to do their brutal work cowardly hiding beneath the pseudonyms of Angles, Bruts, and Flynns. Kaine regained his seat after Samuel Pring was assassinated. The Whigs formed an alliance with the Liberals and elected Kaine as their leader. He has some sort of magnetism, and the numbers that attend his rallies increase all the time. His 'British Unification' stance has had much support — mostly among stupid people who can't be bothered to think for themselves.

He won by a landslide after the previous government collapsed over the "cash for llamas" scandal. As soon as he was in power he proclaimed himself Chancellor. His Unreform Act last year restricted the vote to people with property. But he's not happy just being Chancellor. He's arguing that committees and accountants only slow things down and if people really want trains to run on time and shopping trolleys to run straight, it can only be done by one man wielding unquestionable executive power — a dictator. He was eighty-four last May. We took our seats at the back and waited patiently for the show to begin. It seemed hard to believe that Kaine had managed to inveigle his way to the top of English politics but, I reflected, anything can happen to a fictional character — a trait that Yorrick obviously exploited to the full.

Not a man to trifle with. It's rumoured he was expelled from school for nailing his head to a park bench for a bet. He was holding a battered red briefcase and was dressed in a rumpled sports jacket and corduroy trousers. Kaine's personal adviser. Things in the Kaine camp were far from settled. If I could get close I'd just grab Yorrick and jump him straight to one of Jurisfiction's many prison books and that would be that. It looked as though I had got back home just in time.

I consulted the complimentary copy of The New Oppressor I had found on my seat. They didn't just get Tunbndge Wells as war reparations but a huge chunk of cash, too. The country is near bankruptcy, Kaine wants to stay in power, so—' '—misdirection. He blames someone else. As a nation we've been blaming the Welsh and the French for far too long, and with the Russians out of the frame he's come up with Denmark as public enemy number one.

He's using the Viking raids of AD and the Danish Rule of England in the eleventh century as an excuse to whip up some misinformed xenophobia. The papers have been full of anti-Danish propaganda this past month. The list of outlawed Danish waters is becoming longer by the second. Kierkegaard's works have already been declared illegal under the Undesirable Danish Literature Act and will be burned.

Hans Christian Andersen will be next, we're told — and after that, maybe even Karen Blixen. You'd better make sure Hamlet doesn't tell anyone where he's from. I think something's happening. The floor manager had walked out on to the set and was explaining to us exactly what we should do. After a protracted series of technical checks, the host of the show walked on to applause from the audience. This was Tudor Webastow of The Owl, who had made a career out of being just inquisitive enough to be considered a realistic political foil for the press but not so inquisitive that he would be found in the Thames wearing concrete overshoes.

He sat down at the middle of a table with two empty chairs either side of him and sorted his notes. Unusually for Evade the Question Time the show had two speakers instead of four, but tonight was special: Yorrick Kaine would be facing his political opposition, Mr Redmond van de Poste, of the Commonsense Party. Mr Webastow cleared his throat and began. Tonight, as every night, a panel of distinguished public figures generally evade answering the audience's questions and instead tow the party line.

Sometimes called the third capital of England or the "Venice on the M4", the Swindon of today is a financial and manufacturing powerhouse, its citizens a cross-section of professionals and artists who are politically indicative of the country as a whole. First I would like to introduce a man who was politically dead two years ago but has managed to pull himself up to the second-highest political office in the nation with a devoted following of many millions, not all of whom are deranged. Ladies and gentlemen, Chancellor Yorrick Kaine! I leaned forward in my seat. He didn't appear to have aged at all in the two years since I had last seen him, which is what I would expect from a fictioneer.

Still looking to be in his late twenties with black hair swept neatly to the side, he might have been a male model from a knitting pattern. I knew he wasn't. I'd checked. Webastow went on: 'And opposing him we are also honoured to welcome Mr Redmond van de Poste of the opposition Commonsense Party. He was older than Kaine by almost thirty years, looked tired and gaunt, wore round horn-rimmed spectacles and had a high-domed forehead that shone when it caught the light.

He looked about furtively before sitting down stiffly. I guessed the reason. He was wearing a heavy flak vest beneath his suit — and with good reason.

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