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The Legacy Of Anne Franks Legacy

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Anne Frank: a Legacy

She began to keep a journal, a diary. Most people remember her. However, one girl, by the name of Anne Frank, wrote in her diary every day, unaware that her diary entries would solve this issue. She was born in the large German town of Frankfurt. Anne was an ordinary child, with dreams for her future, and friends and family who supported and loved her, unaware that she would turn out to be one of the most important people with regards to information of fleeing Jews during the Holocaust.

Anne was living in Amsterdam with her family at the time. The Holocaust, a morbid atrocity that made people question humanity, was the cause of millions of deaths. One of those victims of this brutality was Anne Frank, a young Jewish girl who hid from the Nazis along with her family. Although she was merely ordinary, Anne Frank kept a diary which became a significant, historical artifact in the modern world as it details her account of concealing her identity from the outside world. Her story, told in an innocent perspective, allows individuals to reflect. Each one has a story to tell, whether we know it or not- Anne Frank was one of them.

Anne Frank was many things: a writer, a storyteller, a witness, and a victim, among them. A fact that many seem to forget is that she was also a human being. In a concentration camp in , Anne held her dying sister Margot in her arms. Her sister died very shortly after that scene; Anne died a few days later. Yet the true ending. The courageous Frank family, consisting of a father, mother, and two young daughters, were tortured during this time period. One particular family member, the youngest daughter, has a legacy that still lives on today. Anne Frank was both a hero and a victim of the Holocaust because she was forced into hiding, her loved ones were killed, and her diaries positively impacted many. During this dreadful time, Anne Frank was victimized by being forced into hiding.

The Franks originally lived peacefully. Before the Nazis invaded, the Frank family soon moved to Amsterdam, Netherlands. Starting with what we are reading. The play Diary of Anne Frank, changes the names of the characters. First, Miep and Mr. Kraler are combined into two people instead of five. Kliemen, Kugler, Jan and Miep. Anne Frank Legacy Words 4 Pages. The Legacy of Anne Frank Imagine spending two years of your life in a tiny house with 7 other people. Never going outside and having contact with almost no one outside Annefrank.

Dentist Fritz Pfeffer arrived in November, bringing the total crammed in hiding to eight. The group knew they were luckier than many; the horror of what was happening in the camps filtered through, as did the fates of other Jewish families forced to separate and hide in damp cellars. But the harsh reality of life in hiding leaps off the page. All with no privacy and no escape. Each morning waking up to think this could be her last. In constant fear and tension. Anne has an incredible ability to put us in those moments, we read them and will her to fly free. On 28 March she heard Dutch Cabinet Minister Bolkestein on the radio asking people to keep documents as a record for future generations. Anne was determined hers would play its part, creating an edited version of her diary.

After all, it has nothing to do with the marriage itself, does it? The entries on her changing body were some of the most controversial. She can really play dumb when she wants to! But the person she was always most unsparing with was herself. Instead, all eight were sent to Westerbork transit camp. One girl who saw Anne there told Lee she expressed a relief to be out in the open after being inside so long. They knew the Allies were on their way. Then a second terrible twist of fate: all eight were put on the last train to Auschwitz. Once there, they were separated and the women were stripped, shaved and tattooed.

Anne and Margot were sent on to Belsen while Edith remained in Auschwitz where she died of starvation. Instead the sisters arrived at Bergen-Belsen in northern Germany — a neglected, disease-ridden, freezing hell. Hanneli Goslar, a childhood friend Anne mentioned in her diaries, saw Anne again at Belsen. She thought both her parents were dead. She was broken. The sisters shivered on a bunk near a barrack door, where survivors told Lee they could literally see them losing their lives. No-one knows the exact dates they died, or in which of the mass graves they were buried. More than 17, people died in Belsen in alone.

Voskuijl has The Legacy Of Anne Franks Legacy told that the seven of us are in hiding, and he's been most helpful. This situation started to evolve into a more serious matter when the The Legacy Of Anne Franks Legacy started The Legacy Of Anne Franks Legacy issue people off to a concentration camp. The Legacy Of Anne Franks Legacy is unknown how the police discovered the annex.