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Jerrys Case Study Summary

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What is the thesis of rodriguez essay. How to count words in ielts essay. Paus padla nahi tar essay in marathi pdf essay on environment in words one day experience as a doctor short essay. He told Aaron that he would help and protect him until the memory of abuse could be safely expressed. Gillum likened the process to peeling an onion. After that setback, though, Gillum became in effect a tool of the prosecution, sitting in on every interview and, by his very presence, reminding Aaron of what he was expected to say.

Gillum would later tell Pendergrast that it had taken him six months actually seven to get his patient to state in so many words that Sandusky had forced oral sex upon him—a charge that Aaron retracted when quizzed about it in the first of three grand jury appearances. The jurors, possessing no solid evidence against Sandusky, refused to hand down an indictment. And he tried to back out altogether from making the third appearance. A newly constituted grand jury had to settle for his reading a text that may have been crafted by others.

Even at the trial in , he could do no better than sob through rehearsed assent to statements by a prosecuting attorney. Mutual but by no means consensual fellatio had supposedly been practiced in the basement. But why had the boy returned, again and again, for more of what was traumatizing him? Had he sleepwalked through all five years? Nonetheless, his sobs on the witness stand, possibly expressing entrapment and remorse for his part in railroading Sandusky into prison, made a stronger impression on the jury than his illogic did.

In Debra McCord, the mother of a Second Mile child, year-old Zachary Konstas, had been alarmed to learn that Sandusky had play-wrestled with him during another post-workout shower. She had notified the police, who investigated her claim of abuse and even performed two sting operations designed to entrap the perpetrator. But Zach Konstas himself insisted that Sandusky had merely been engaging in his usual mock-aggressive foolery. And McCord herself must have agreed with their judgment. For the next dozen years she allowed Zach to continue attending football games with Sandusky and visiting his home. Indeed, Zach and Allan Myers, the more important if still anonymous shower boy who was now a young man, shared a dinner with Jerry and Dottie Sandusky as late as July Dottie Sandusky at Christmas To an objective observer, the terminated Konstas episode would have held no forensic interest.

Because Eshbach never doubted that Sandusky was a serial molester, she hoped to lure Konstas into joining Aaron Fisher as a self-announced victim. And she decided to cast a wide dragnet for further victims, ordering troopers to interrogate every Second Mile veteran they could find who had had personal dealings with the founder. It contained photographs of the beaming suspect with his arms draped around easily identifiable prepubescent boys. As Pendergrast asks, would a child molester be likely to have allowed such a work to see print? The overwhelming majority of some ex-Second Milers, however, gave versions of the same disappointing answer.

It had simply expressed affectionate comradeship from a father figure. For many of these somethings Sandusky had remained a hero, a man of spotless character who had once spared them from wretchedness and then, in their troubled adolescence, steered them toward responsible adulthood by providing advice and incentives for good schoolwork and clean living. Some recalcitrant Second Milers had spurned their former mentor and plunged into early experimentation with alcohol, drugs, and sex. If he had ever molested them, they would surely have fired back against such gross inconsistency. Among so many young men drawn in by the dragnet, however, there were bound to be a few who, in bad financial straits that were sometimes worsened by criminal records, caught the scent of money.

Without explicitly saying so, Eshbach and police investigators implied that testimony against the abuser could lead to riches. Nor would the young men necessarily have to perjure themselves on the witness stand. Thanks to the hotline, previously unknown parties could simply phone in to stake a claim. As we have seen, McQueary witnessed no sexual activity in the shower, and Myers confirmed that nothing untoward had been going on. Zachary Konstas told both his mother and the police that he and Sandusky had indulged in harmless horseplay in There is no reason to believe otherwise.

Greater things are yet 2 come! Ur an awesome friend! Aaron Fisher. We have seen that in a number of ways, straight through the trial, Fisher manifested a reluctance to accuse Sandusky of misdeeds that he could never clearly bring to mind. And his friendly association with Sandusky throughout the five years of alleged abuse argues strongly against the likelihood that any abuse occurred. Dustin Struble b. He is such a kind and caring gentleman, and I will never forget him. In February he told investigators that he was entering psychotherapy, presumably in order to dredge up repressed memories.

Still, on April 11 of the same year, he assured the grand jury that, so far as he could recall, Sandusky had never once touched him inappropriately. But around that time, Struble began comparing notes with his fellow memory patient Zach Konstas. Before long he signed a contingency fee agreement with a local attorney, Andrew Shubin. Obviously, then, the lawyer and his client were looking forward to splitting a possible settlement for psychological harm.

Struble met with Shubin 10 to 15 times before the trial, and he entered therapy with Cindy MacNab to find hidden memories of abuse. Sandusky, he claimed, had touched his penis in a car and had nestled against him erotically in a shower. My therapist has suggested that I still may have more repressed memories that have yet to be revealed, and this could be a big cause of the depression that I still carry today. Michal Kajak b. When had this happened? At first Kajak located the offense in the fall of , before he and Sandusky had even met.

Later he changed the date to August But had any misbehavior ever taken place? Like all of the other supposed victims, Kajak had never mentioned it to anyone and had gone right on cordially fraternizing with his presumptive abuser. In July Jason Simcisko b. I lost touch with [Sandusky] around the time I went into tenth grade. I was in trouble a lot then: in and out of foster homes and stuff. He made me feel special, giving me stuff and spending time with me. I just always took it that he was trying to make sure I kept out of trouble. Now, it seems, he had spent some 20 overnights in the Sandusky home and had been subjected to numerous genital rubbings. Once again, recovered memory was invoked. Brett Houtz b. Abuse became an issue for Brett Houtz only after the press sensation that began on March 31, On reconsideration, though, he retained Benjamin Andreozzi, the lawyer his father had contacted, who would end by serving lucratively as the attorney for 10 claimants against Penn State.

Even then, Houtz refused at first to enter charges against Sandusky. Afterwards, two police officers drew him out, with attorney Andreozzi present, in the only interview with a Second Miler that was ever tape recorded. The tape could serve as a classic lesson in biased interrogation. He had entered psychological counseling soon after retaining Andreozzi, and at some point he, too, had come under the care of recovered memory guru Mike Gillum.

Like other putative Sandusky victims, Houtz ramped up his charges between the grand jury and the trial. At first his questioners had had to coax him before he would say that he had ever experienced oral sex with Sandusky. In the trial, though, he was ready to declare that he had been molested at least 50 times, with Sandusky often forcibly jamming his penis into his mouth. The events that Houtz narrated bore the usual marks of recovered memory craziness. Above all, Houtz was stumped by the same paradoxes that no accuser would be able to resolve. Why, once having been assaulted by a monstrous villain, had he kept returning to be raped again?

Why had he informed no one at all about his ongoing torture? At age 26, in the year before turning on his benefactor, Houtz had brought his girlfriend and three-year-old son for a happy visit with the Sanduskys, as if there had never been a cause for complaint. That fact speaks louder than anything he would say in court. Sabastian Paden b. He informed them without hesitation that Sandusky had done nothing to him in a sexual way. During the period of his abuse, he testified, he had crossed the Sandusky threshold about times, seemingly powerless to stay away. In one instance Sandusky had allegedly lured Sabastian home after school, locked him in the basement whose lock was on the inside , and kept him there for three days while depriving him of food and repeatedly assaulting him orally and anally.

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