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Summary: The Titanic Conspiracy

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Unfortunately, neither Stuber nor Crawl are expected to be big hits. Worse still, this weekend last year , both Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation and Skyscraper opened with more than Stuber and Crawl are expected to open combined, meaning will lose once again in the year-over-year competition. This is one of the biggest positive surprises of the year and we desperately needed some good news after June. This is still lower than this weekend last year , but by only 2. However, this year is still 8. July 6th, I blame the Fourth of July holidays. It is yet another success story for the M. This could be a good omen going forward and perhaps we will look back at this weekend as the weekend that turned things around.

July 3rd, In fact, the last film to really beat expectations and earn first place was Aladdin , which came out in May. Spider-Man: Far From Home could top that after its record-breaking start and the overall box office does look a little healthier as a result. June was a disaster, with no pleasant surprises for the entire month, and a boatload of disappointments. In fact, one could argue Aladdin was the biggest hit of the month, despite it opening in May. Toy Story 4 is the biggest hit released in June, but it still missed expectations by a huge margin. However, last year had a lot better depth and I think that could result in merely breaking even in the year-over-year competition.

Home Market Releases for June 25th, June 26th, It is an absolute nightmare on the home market. I had to trim some of them to keep the list manageable. However, the biggest and best release of the week is Captain Marvel. The screener arrived late, but I finally got the review of the Blu-ray online. There have been so many origin stories for super heroes released over the past decade plus that audiences have grown tired of them. Can this film overcome these obstacles? Or should fans of the M. Home Market Releases for June 11th, June 12th, The only other release that was really in contention for Pick of the Week was The Mustang , but the lack of extras on the Blu-ray hurt its chances. It is very unusual for a film to not rebound significantly during in third weekend of release.

This will be the last day Disney will be releasing daily tracking numbers early in the morning, but they picked a good day to end on. It will continue to climb that chart and should earn first place on the M. Avengers: Endgame was able to overtake Jurassic World for sixth place on the all-time domestic chart on Wednesday. I would like to point out that the film earned more in several individual markets than the second place film earned in total.

Its remains in third place in the M. The film has already overtaken The Avengers for third place in the M. The film is in seventh place on the all-time domestic chart and it will overtake both Jurassic World and Titanic before the weekend. This is the 14th-best Thursday of all time, but a lot of the entries ahead of it are either holidays or opening days. The film is now in fourth place on the M. It is in 15th place on the all time domestic chart and its chances of reaching first place will depend heavily on how well it does this weekend.

If it has the same legs as Avengers: Infinity War , then it will get there. The film became the highest grossing western film of all time, topping the previous champion The Fate of the Furious. You can see the most recent Daily Tracking here. This is the biggest non-holiday, non-opening result for a Tuesday , while it placed third on the overall Tuesday chart, behind The Force Awakens and The Amazing Spider-Man. This is also enough for fifth place in the M. To emphasize, Avengers: Endgame is the 20th biggest hit on the all-time chart after just five days of release. In fact, it is significantly more than the previous record for an overall weekend, set a few years back by The Force Awakens et al.

This is the biggest worldwide debut of all time and the film is already the biggest worldwide hit of Meanwhile, it is having stunning openings in the U. In comparison to other M. It is currently in sixth place on the franchise chart and will top Iron Man 3 literally before it is officially Monday here. It is also enough to push the film into ninth place on the M. Its international number is already more than ten installments in the M. It also had the biggest opening day for a Marvel movie in Japan. This not only absolutely demolishes the previous record for biggest single day at the domestic box office, it is already more than The Incredible Hulk made in its entire run.

This is simply stunning. Granted, it is the definition of a Fanboy film and it is clear many people rushed out to theaters to see it, but there were also so many sold out shows that even many of the hardcore fans will have to wait until Saturday or Sunday to see the movie. This is also more than over a dozen films in the M. The list of new markets includes the U. April 25th, Endgame will earn more during its Thursday night previews than any other film will earn during the full weekend. In fact, it could earn more opening day than any other film released this April will earn in total.

All available evidence suggests Endgame will easily win this race and propel to a massive win in the year-over-year competition. It easily earned first place in both markets. The film opens in the U. Easter weekend gave box office watchers a few reasons to celebrate. Additionally, both Shazam and Captain Marvel held on amazingly well, which bodes well for their chances against Avengers: Endgame. However, this is misleading, as it was the first time Easter weekend was one weekend before the start of the Summer Blockbuster season. Avengers: Endgame opening on Friday had more to do with the weak box office than any other factor and if Endgame is as big as some box office analysts expect, then by this time next week, we will be talking about how quickly will turn things around rather than how bad has been.

Granted, this is the weakest opening in the The Conjuring franchise, while its reviews and B minus from CinemaScore suggest short legs. Also, Avengers: Endgame opens in just a handful of days, so it will be pushed into the smallest screens in most multiplexes very soon. On the downside, it is playing in 71 markets already, so it has very few major markets left to open in. Shazam remained in first place on the international chart, despite not opening in any new markets, major or otherwise.

It held on better in the U. The film earned first place in a quartet of major markets. Furthermore, its a hit with families, so that should also help its legs over the rest of the weekend and beyond. This is about as good as its debut here. It did relatively better in the U. There are no more major markets for the film to open in, so it will have to rely on long legs to break even any time soon. March was a good month at the box office with most films beating expectations. That said, Endgame will almost certainly open with more than any other April release earns in total and if is going to cut into its deficit with , it will be on the back of that one film.

Captain Marvel completed the threepeat earning first place on the international chart for the third weekend in a row. The film should have reasonable legs going forward, as its reviews are a major asset, while it earned a B from CinemaScore, which is a good result for a horror film. This includes the U. That said, it would be wise to treat the movie like a horror sequel when it comes to predicting its legs. That might seem low, but it is actually quite strong for a horror film. Us is the only wide release of the week and it should easily earn top spot on the box office chart. It would also be its third win in a row.

This is already ahead of 10 previous installments in the MCU. The film held on better in the rest of the international markets; in fact, on average, it held on better than it did here. However, the film earned stunning reviews and even went on to win the Oscar for Best Animated Feature. Is it as good as this? Or was it praised because it topped low, low expectations by such a large degree?

It is already ahead of the lifetime domestic totals of eight previous installments in the MCU and it will quickly rise into the top ten. Yesterday, I said the film could be in the top ten for the MCU. In fact, given its holds this weekend, it has a pathway to enter the top five. Meanwhile, outside of China, the film held on even better than it did domestically. We will have more details on the international numbers later in the week. The film has already surpassed five previous installments in the MCU on the worldwide chart and did so in just eight days. By the end of the weekend, it could be in the top ten for the franchise.

March 15th, I think that is overly optimistic, but there are some good signs. This includes a lack of top-notch new releases. Wonder Park is the biggest new release, at least in terms of theater count, but it also has the worst reviews of the three wide releases. Five Feet Apart has better reviews, but they can best be described as mixed. Meanwhile, Captive State still has barely any reviews and its buzz is so quiet that it might not top the Mendoza Line.

This weekend last year , Black Panther completed its month at the top of the chart, while Tomb Raider was the best new releases. That burst of hot air you feel is box office analysts and movie executives breathing a sigh of relief as finally has its first win in the year-over-year comparison. March 10th, Additionally, it is more than the entire box office pulled in this weekend last year , as well as the third biggest March opening and the seventh biggest opening in the MCU. The film is already the biggest domestic hit of and the fifth-biggest hit worldwide. Its legs should be relatively long for a blockbuster, as it earned certified fresh reviews and a solid A from CinemaScore.

In fact, it is already in sixth place on the domestic chart, just behind Alita: Battle Angel. The audience reactions are even more positive; Disney released its CinemaScore and it is a solid A. I think they are being a little conservative here, but we will see tomorrow when the weekend estimates show up. Its reviews are great for a potential blockbuster, but below those earned by Black Panther , Wonder Woman , etc. Additionally, I think this film has a stronger Fangirl Effect in play and that will shorten its legs.

On the positive side, Spring Break is starting for a significant number of students, so that should help its legs somewhat. March 7th, This should easily be the best weekend of as Captain Marvel is widely expected to become the biggest domestic hit of and it should take just three days to get there. It could take just two days to get there. This film has no competition, at least when it comes to this year. However, the main competition is Black Panther , A Wrinkle in Time , and the rest of the box office from this weekend last year. We could cut the deficit in half by the end of the month, if everything goes well. This week we will tackle first run releases and franchise box sets as well.

Unfortunately, has not been a good year for blockbusters for any studio not named Disney. Home Market Releases for October 16th, October 16th, Fortunately, it is also an amazing movie and a Contender for Pick of the Week. However, in the end, I went with Ant-Man and the Wasp. October 4th, On the other hand, A Star is Born is expected to open in second place, but have much, much longer legs and I believe it will be the bigger hit in the end. Even on the low end, Venom will earn more than those two films combined.

The film opens in Japan, its final market, next weekend. Home Market Releases for August 14th, August 15th, Can the movie possibly live up to expectations? Or was it destined to disappoint? Like we did with The Force Awakens , we are going to do a spoiler-free, detail-free review for Avengers: Infinity War. In other words, we are going to rate all of the movies in the MCU to see where Infinity War and the rest fit into place. Billion August 1st, Hello Mr. This is 5. Again, if just maintains the raw dollar margin for the rest of the year, it will be a reason to celebrate.

It was not a close race at the box office this weekend , as Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation topped expectations and Skyscraper did not. This is average for the franchise , as is its reviews and A minus CinemaScore. Or can Skyscraper Stand Tall? July 12th, Meanwhile, Ant-Man and the Wasp will be pushed into third place, but will still be a solid box office performer. The First Purge started out well on Wednesday , but slipped below the pace needed to match predictions by the weekend. Granted, it is 8. July 5th, This is a good weekend to release a film and Ant-Man and the Wasp is looking to take advantage of the holiday. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and Incredibles 2 will continue to be a major presence at the box office.

The depth this year is a little better, but I think will lose in the year-over-year comparison. Hopefully it will be close. Even if only managed to maintain this lead in terms of raw numbers for the rest of the year, it will be a massive jump at the box office. This May was an odd month, as Avengers: Infinity War opened on the last weekend of April , rather than the first weekend of May. I think and will be an even match at the top, so will have to rely on depth to improve upon its lead over In fact, this result is the fourth best Memorial Day long weekend opening in the past decade.

That said, it was much lower than expected and some are calling it a box office failure. That said, it is far from a complete disaster and the franchise will continue, although it might be wise for Disney to not release so many installments in the franchise so quickly. Three in 18 months is a bit too much. This is the highest ever opening in terms of American currency. It is in fifth place on the all-time international chart and will be in third place by this time next week. Meanwhile, it is also in fifth place on the worldwide chart and is aiming for third place there as well, although it will take a little while longer to get there.

The weekend was better than expected , for the most part. All of the holdovers, including the number one film, Avengers: Infinity War , held on better than we predicted, while one of the two new releases also opened faster. However, this is 1. Year-to-date, maintains a strong 5. It was a relatively good weekend at the box office with every film in the top five matching or beating expectations. However, almost no one was expecting it to become the biggest hit in the MCU.

It is also considered the best film in the MCU by a lot of people. Am I one of them? If not, where does it fit? May 3rd, Last weekend , Infinity War destroyed the weekend record. This weekend, there are three new releases that are just hoping to not get embarrassed. Tully is the smallest film in terms of theater count, but its reviews are stellar and it has a shot at the top five. Infinity War was expected to dominate the box office over the weekend. However, not a lot of people thought it would break the all-time record , but it did. The MCU now has six of the top ten openings of all-time. This is within a rounding error of the record and we might get there as smaller studios report their numbers later in the week. However, and this is important, this is a misleading number, because summer started a week early this year.

I would wait till Deadpool 2 comes out to judge the year-to-date numbers. It will take that long for Infinity War coming out a week early to fully balance out. You will probably make solid judgments before then, but I think it is wise to be a little cautious. Infinity War was widely expected to destroy the previous MCU record for previews. This is not only the best previews in the MCU, it is the fourth best previews of all time. Weekend Predictions: Will Avengers go to Infinity?

April 26th, Infinity War. Do I need to say more? Infinity War is easily the most anticipated movie of the year, and some argue the most anticipated film in the past few years. Infinity War could make twice that during its midnight previews. It will make more than the entire box office made last year. There are two wide releases this week, I Feel Pretty and Super Troopers 2 , as well as a semi-wide release that has a shot at the top ten, Traffik. However, most analysts think A Quiet Place will return to first place on the box office chart. April 5th, There are only two wide releases this week, A Quiet Place and Blockers , both of which are expected to be midlevel hits. There are also two films opening semi-wide, Chappaquiddick and The Miracle Season , neither of which are expected to open in the top five.

The gulf between blockbusters and also-rans could hardly be starker these days. Well, March has ended and it was a very disappointing month. Black Panther made more than any of the new releases did. April is usually a terrible month, because it is a dumping ground, especially late in the month. No studio wants to compete with the first monster hit of the Summer. This year, the first monster hit of the summer, Avengers: Infinity War , opens in April. It will make more during its opening weekend than any other April release will make in total. It might make more opening day than any other April release will make in total. Infinity War should earn more than that opening weekend. There were two markets who could claim second place: Russia and South Korea. Pacific Rim: Uprising opened in first place over the weekend.

As for the rest of the new releases, they ranged from serious disappointments like Sherlock Gnomes and Paul, Apostle of Christ , to complete bombs like Midnight Sun and Unsane. The overall box office slipped just 2. The switch over is mostly due to Panther beginning to run out of steam, rather than Uprising showing any particular strength though. Overseas markets, particularly in Asia, are where the box office action is at for this one.

As expected , Pacific Rim: Uprising earned first place on Friday. Neither its reviews , nor its B-rating from CinemaScore will help its legs, but this film was never made to win over domestic audiences. It was made to shine in Asia, specifically China. The film debuted in first place in all three markets and is in a good position to break even early in its home market run. Weekend Wrap-Up March 20th, As predicted , Black Panther remained in first place on the weekend chart.

Tomb Raider had an okay opening in second place, while I Can Only Imagine was the biggest positive surprise of the weekend. Love, Simon had a solid opening, especially compared to its production budget. The less said about 7 Days in Entebbe , the better. Overall, the weekend box office was down 4. Another week and another film trying to dethrone Black Panther. The only other truly wide release of the week is Love, Simon , which should have a solid, but not spectacular opening.

Additionally, it is now in fifth place in the MCU and will be in a close fight for third place by the end of the weekend. For the first time ever, the top two films at the weekend box office were both directed by African-American directors. Disney should be happy with both results. The less said about The Hurricane Heist and Gringo , the better. Overall, the box office fell 8. That lead could be cut in half by this time next week. Disney Battle March 11th, March 8th, There are four wide releases coming out this week, but only one of them, A Wrinkle in Time , has a shot at dethroning Black Panther. Only one other, The Strangers: Prey at Night , has a shot at the top five.

The other two, Gringo and The Hurricane Heist , are just hoping to not embarrass themselves. Almost everyone expected Black Panther to earn first place over the weekend. I doubt there were many people who expected this. The new releases matched expectations, more or less, with Game Night earning second place and coming within a rounding error of our prediction. Thor: Ragnarok opened with some of the best reviews of the MCU and was easily the biggest hit in the Thor franchise.

Is it worth checking out? Is it really one of the best films in the MCU? The party is just getting started for Black Panther. For the original cast album , the instrumentation was augmented to 38 musicians. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. This section needs additional citations for verification. May Learn how and when to remove this template message.

Luann Brennan. March 20, Retrieved September 30, New Yorker , May 12, , pp. Westchester Broadway Theatre. Retrieved September 27, Chicago Tribune. Wisdom Digital Media. July 13, Playbill Vault. Retrieved May 13, Edward J. Boxhall Fourth Officer Harold G. Thayer Frank M. Warren Sr. Norris Williams Marie Grice Young. Bandstand Ballarat. A Night to Remember S. Awards for Titanic. Tony Award for Best Musical. Tony Award for Best Book of a Musical. Tony Award for Best Original Score. Musicals by Maury Yeston. Hidden categories: Webarchive template wayback links Use mdy dates from June Articles needing additional references from June All articles needing additional references Pages with timeline metadata Articles needing additional references from May Namespaces Article Talk.

Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Poster for the Broadway production. Peter Stone. April 23, : Lunt-Fontanne Theatre. Matthew Bennett. Matthew Yang King. Best Musical. Best Book of a Musical. Best Original Score. Best Scenic Design. Best Orchestrations. Top credits Director Harvey Lowry. See more at IMDbPro. Trailer Photos Top cast Edit. Tiffany Fallon Sherry as Sherry. Bryson Smith Wesley as Wesley. Jasmine Fontes Analisa as Analisa. Alex Preble Ashley as Ashley. Harvey Lowry. More like this. Storyline Edit. It's Christmas time. Kara Gentry's wealthy grandfather, Bob Gentry, who's been estranged from her father, his son Jeff, has telephoned for the first time in years, asking Kara to spend Christmas with him and her grandmother Elsa.

Jessie Wilkins has been living with her Aunt Jenny since her mother's death that year--her father having never been in the picture for some unknown reason-- when her paternal widowed grandmother Judy whom she's never met, invites her to spend Christmas with her. Kara and Jessie, both 15, meet on the same Burlington, Vermont to Stillwater, Oklahoma flight, become fast friends, and learn of each other's Christmas plans--and that both are dreading them. When they learn that both are heading to the small town of Guthrie, they decide to switch places so that Kara can experience a Christmas with a more real person than what she thinks her grandparents will be like, while Jessie experiences a Christmas with all the creature comforts unlike how she was raised and unlike how she expects Grandma Judy to be.

In and out in one week, no one gets caught, no one gets hurt. They are both able to pull off the ruse as their respective grandparents only know the basics of their lives. But as the week progresses, things get more and more complicated on both sides, as despite their web of lies they have somehow built a certain sense of family with people who aren't their families. Add content advisory.

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