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Paracervical blocks have been shown to decrease pain at the time of tenaculum placement and passage of the hysteroscope through the external and internal os Other evidence has shown that office hysteroscopy may be tolerated without the use of any analgesia, although preexisting pain conditions such as dysmenorrhea or chronic pelvic pain may warrant its use No single regimen or group of medications has been shown to be clinically superior to placebo. Patients have the right to expect the same level of patient safety as is present in the hospital or ambulatory surgery setting The use of procedure checklists, logs, and mock drills can promote consistent behavior and documentation to allow for quality review.

Office hysteroscopy should be performed in an appropriately sized, equipped, and staffed treatment room. Basic set-up requirements for in-office hysteroscopy include hysteroscopic instrumentation, camera and monitor, delivery system for distending media, and facilities to clean, disinfect, and sterilize equipment. There is insufficient evidence to recommend preferential use of a specific type of hysteroscope, and the choice of hysteroscope should be left to the discretion of the operator Cleaning of reusable hysteroscopic devices is necessary before disinfection or sterilization. The two largest multicenter studies of 13, diagnostic and operative hysteroscopies and 21, operative hysteroscopies found overall complication rates of 0. Significantly more complications occurred during operative hysteroscopy than during diagnostic hysteroscopy 0.

See Table 2 for potential complications, incidence, and risk factors. Removal of foreign bodies eg, intrauterine devices with nonvisualized strings or intrauterine devices that are malpositioned. Intravenous hydration of patients undergoing hysteroscopy should be closely monitored preoperatively and intraoperatively. Hysteroscopic fluid absorption should be closely monitored intraoperatively. Lower fluid deficit thresholds should be considered for elderly patients, patients with comorbid conditions, patients with cardiovascular or renal compromise, and when procedures take place in an outpatient setting with limited acute care and laboratory services. In healthy patients, the maximum fluid deficit is 1, mL for hypotonic solutions, 2, mL for isotonic solutions, and mL for high-viscosity solutions.

However, if fluid deficit reaches mL of a hypotonic solution, 2, mL of an electrolyte solution, or mL of a high-viscosity solution, consideration should be given to stopping further infusion and concluding the procedure. Ideally include the anesthesia personnel in this discussion, if applicable. In an outpatient setting with limited acute care and laboratory services, consideration should be given to discontinuing procedures at a lower fluid deficit threshold. An automated fluid monitoring system facilitates early recognition of excessive deficit in real-time totals. An individual should be designated to measure intake and outflow frequently and report the deficit to the operative team. Measurement of serum electrolytes and osmolality should be performed, administration of diuretics considered, and further diagnostic and therapeutic intervention begun as indicated.

The use of intravenous furosemide may aid in diuresis, with clinical improvement occurring in 15—20 minutes. Further treatment of fluid overload or hyponatremia may require administration of corrective fluids, consultation with medical specialists, and transfer to a critical care setting. AAGL practice report: practice guidelines for the management of hysteroscopic distending media: replaces hysteroscopic fluid monitoring guidelines. J Am Assoc Gynecol Laparosc. J Minim Invasive Gynecol ;— The most common perioperative complication of hysteroscopic surgery is uterine perforation 48 Known risk factors for uterine perforation are listed in Table 2. Management of uterine perforation is dependent on the location, cause, and severity of the uterine perforation.

Each step of hysteroscopy, including mechanical cervical dilation, uterine sounding, hysteroscope insertion, or the use of electrosurgery or tissue removal device, may result in compromise of the uterine myometrium. Although data on the incidence of false passage creation during hysteroscopy are lacking, this complication may occur in cases of difficult uterine entry, which may increase the risk of uterine perforation. In a systematic review, the use of preoperative misoprostol reduced rates of false passage formation but did not reduce rates of uterine perforation during operative hysteroscopy 7. Major bleeding, suspicion of visceral injury, or perforation by an electrosurgical electrode may warrant immediate surgical intervention.

Antibiotic prophylaxis is not recommended for routine hysteroscopic procedures. Hysteroscopy is contraindicated during an active pelvic infection 50 and in women with prodromal or active herpes infection. Infectious complications related to hysteroscopic procedures are uncommon with rates of postprocedure infection eg, endometritis or endomyometritis, urinary tract infections ranging from 0. In a prospective observational study of 1, operative hysteroscopies, the risk of endometritis was found to be higher after adhesiolysis compared with leiomyoma Relative Risk [RR], 5. In randomized trials, the administration of antibiotic prophylaxis has not been shown to reduce postoperative infection after diagnostic hysteroscopy 53 54 55 or operative hysteroscopy Serious injury by electrosurgical electrodes can occur during operative hysteroscopic procedures, typically in the setting of uterine perforation.

Exploratory surgery may be indicated if clinically significant bleeding arises or if there is suspicion of thermal damage to visceral structures. Lower genital tract structures eg, vagina or perineum also may be at risk for thermal injury. Potential risk factors include cervical overdilation, instrument insulation defect, or electrode activation when the external sheath is not sufficiently advanced in the cervical canal See Box 2 for guidelines for fluid monitoring.

Excessive absorption of distending fluid can result in severe complications, including pulmonary edema, neurologic complications, and death. Use of electrolyte-free, hypotonic distending media is associated with a greater risk of hypotonic hyponatremia and cerebral edema. Fluid deficit is affected by size and number of the lesions removed, the depth of myometrial resection, the number of myometrial sinuses opened, and the intrauterine pressure. Preventive measures include limiting excess fluid absorption, recognizing and treating fluid overload promptly, and selecting a distending medium that minimizes risk. Vasopressin injection in the cervical stroma may reduce the volume of fluid intravasation The best way to limit excess fluid intravasation is to monitor the fluid deficit closely and frequently throughout the procedure.

Management of fluid overload includes termination of procedure; assessment of hemodynamic, neurologic, respiratory and cardiovascular status; measurement of serum electrolytes and osmolality; and consideration of diuretic administration. Newer fluid management systems have made fluid monitoring more accurate; however, some of these systems may be expensive and not readily available in all settings. Air or gas embolism may result from the introduction of CO 2 as a hysteroscopic distending medium, room air during instrumentation of the cervix or uterus, gaseous byproducts created during monopolar or bipolar electrosurgery, or initial placement of patient in Trendelenburg position The chemical properties of gases affect the risk of embolism.

The solubility of CO 2 in blood is higher than oxygen; therefore, the risk of an air embolism derived from room air containing oxygen and nitrogen is greater than the risk of a carbon dioxide gas embolism Severe complications of air or gas embolism include cardiac or pulmonary failure or death. The most common symptoms of air or gas embolism are described as dyspnea and chest pain, although in the anesthetized patient a decrease in end-tidal carbon dioxide pressure or alteration in hemodynamic status hypotension, tachycardia should raise clinical suspicion of an embolism event. Although the reported incidences of emboli have been variable in the literature, the rate of clinically significant gas embolism is low 59 Acute management of air and gas embolism consists of both supportive care and active measures, including prompt termination of procedure, deflation of the uterine cavity, and the elimination of sources of fluid and gas.

For the management of hemorrhage, various intraoperative hemostasis measures can be employed, depending on the severity, nature, and location of bleeding; however, insufficient data exist regarding the effectiveness of these techniques. Examples include electrocautery applied to the source of bleeding, use of an intrauterine balloon Foley catheter , uterine artery embolization, injection of vasopressin or epinephrine, tranexamic acid, and hysterectomy. If symptoms or bradycardia persist, atropine may be administered as a single dosage of 0.

Copyright by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, posted on the internet, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without prior written permission from the publisher. The use of hysteroscopy for the diagnosis and treatment of intrauterine pathology. American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. Obstet Gynecol ;e— This information is designed as an educational resource to aid clinicians in providing obstetric and gynecologic care, and use of this information is voluntary.

This information should not be considered as inclusive of all proper treatments or methods of care or as a statement of the standard of care. It is not intended to substitute for the independent professional judgment of the treating clinician. North Stokes managed to get a first down thanks to a penalty on Mount Airy, but the drive ended soon after when Mario Revels grabbed an interception. North Stokes battled back in the second quarter. Quarterback Elijah Cone completed a yard pass on third-and-long to put the Vikings near midfield before North Stokes had to eventually punt. The Vikings kept Mount Airy from scoring by intercepting Gallimore just outside the red zone, but again struggled to get their offense moving. Mount Airy got the ball back before halftime and scored on a yard Gallimore pass to Zeb Stroup.

Mount Airy finished with total yards while giving up just 9 total yards to North Stokes. Of the total yards, Mount Airy had yards rushing and five touchdowns on 26 carries. Logan Fonville and Traven Thompson each had six carries; Logan went for 49 yards and a touchdown, and Thompson ran for 50 yards. Tyler Mason added two rushes for 24 yards and a touchdown, and Brison George had one carry for one yard.

Gallimore rushed four times for 44 yards and one touchdown. The quarterback also completed three passes for yards and two touchdowns. Admission to the party is free with a donation of one canned food item per person suggested. The live music begins a 1 p. For more information, call South Streets, the section of street that divides the north campus of Northern Regional Hospital, will permanently close to through-traffic. The move comes roughly four months after the Mount Airy Board of Commissioners unanimously approved a request by the hospital for the closure and associated right-of-way to be transferred to the hospital.

Following the street closing, the hospital will immediately begin construction of Phase 1A of its Master Campus Plan which will transform this portion of Worth Street from a public throughway to a private drive in-and-out of the hospital campus. Redevelopment of this north end of the campus is expected to be complete by late December. During this first phase, entry into the hospital campus from the Rockford corner of Worth Street will be closed.

In the first weeks of construction, anyone needing to access the Emergency Department must enter from Rockford Street at the driveway for Entrance C. The hospital will have directional signage instructing patients and visitors how to enter this area. South Street. Erosion controls measures were put in place, trees were removed from the site, and the grading has begun. This project involves construction of a 25, square-foot Medical Office Building located on-campus across S. South Street and directly behind the hospital on approximately four acres.

The project will add about parking spaces to this site. This will accommodate the relocation of Northern Family Medicine, doubling their space to 17, square foot. The remainder of the medical office building will be unfinished at this time. This project is scheduled for completion by March 31, The high stakes game was a defensive showcase that saw players go to war in the trenches, making the other team fight for every single yard.

The game was physical, in-your-face and featured a dramatic finish — the perfect environment to do as Southern said and make some lasting memories. When asked how he felt after the Eagles secured their fourth-straight win, Southern — after catching his breath and settling his heart rate — said he was over the moon excited. It was really great team effort tonight. Surry Central , FH2A relied on its defense for much of the second half.

After putting up all 17 of its points in the first two quarters, the Eagles were held without a first down in the second half. I just kept believing in them. I just kept thinking they would make the plays, and they did. Forbush , FH2A started the second half by forcing a three-and-out then scoring on a 9-play, drive. As the Central players returned to the sidelines after stopping the conversion, the coaching staff emphasized just how important that stop was. The senior carried the ball close to 40 times for yards and four touchdowns. Against Surry Central, Forbush only recorded total yards as a team. Surry Central punted back to Forbush after another three-and-out. The Falcons started on their own 5-yard line and slowly advanced down the field with consecutive running plays, but only two of those plays went for more than 10 yards.

The drive started with left in the third quarter and ended with remaining in the fourth. The Eagles kept Matthews from gaining a single yard on four of his carries on the drive, with the biggest such stop coming on fourth-and-3 on the Central yard line. Surry Central senior Kade Norman made the first hit on the fourth-down stop. Surry Central was quickly faced with a fourth-and-1 situation and the Eagles went for it. But the Forbush guy had great penetration and such a fast get-off. And get another stop they did. Forbush had four offensive possessions during the fourth quarter. The first two ended with the Falcons turning the ball over on downs, and the final two each ended with Bolatto intercepting Moxley.

Central forced Forbush to use its remaining timeouts before punting to the Falcons with remaining. Forbush made it all the way to the Central 46 before Bolatto picked Moxley a second time with 47 seconds left on the clock. Norman had two sacks and two tackles for a loss, Enoc Lopez, Clay Whitaker and Crouse each had a sack, and Andres Gonzalez, Crouse and Spurlin each had tackles for a loss.

Surry Central rushed 41 times for yards and two touchdowns. Krouse had 20 carries for 54 yards and a TD, Wilmoth had 15 rushes for 66 yards, Williams had five rushes for 46 yards and a TD, and Watson rushed once for 3 yards. Wilmoth completed two passes for 38 yards. Brady Edmonds caught one pass for 30 yards, and Krouse had one reception for 8 yards. On special teams, the Eagles recovered a kickoff after kicker Jacob Edmonds kicked straight at a Forbush player and Crouse recovered the rebound. Jacob Edmonds also went 2-for-2 on PATs and hit a yard field goal in the first half. The only other undefeated team in the conference is East Surry at , and the Cardinals are also overall. The Eagles host North Wilkes on Oct. For all 17 of these seniors next week is potentially their last home game.

The Grappler Fall Classic is a high-school preseason event featuring College-Style rules, including riding time and extended out-of-bounds rules that are used at the College Level. The tournament, one of the largest preseason tournaments in the nation, was held at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center and featured more than 1, wrestlers. Price, a two-time N. The two were tied up through three periods and went to a sudden victory period, in which Price went up to win. Crook is a three-time state champion in Florida and is ranked No. The two went to war, needing an Ultimate Tie Breaker to decide a victory. After four tiebreakers, Crook came away with the win by a score of Down but not out, price went to the consolation bracket and defeated Kyler Wong in the semifinal match.

Wong was a state placer in Minnesota last season. Price won the third-place match to receive All-American Honors. The N. The full list of All-State players can be found at ncbca. The Greyhounds returned to the gridiron just three days after physical matchup against Forbush. In that game , North Surry led at halftime but was outscored in the second half. North regrouped following the Forbush game and had two good days of practice according to head coach Patrick Taylor.

He had a big game tonight at defensive tackle because he had to fill in for some guys that are hurt. On 10 West Wilkes possessions, North Surry forced four three-and-outs, two turnovers and a turnover-on-downs. West Wilkes only had one first down in the first quarter, three in the second quarter, one in the third quarter and three in the fourth quarter. North Surry finished the game with more than yards of total offense and scored eight touchdowns for the first time since The Greyhounds rushed for yards, led by sophomore Jake Simmons with 20 carries for yards and four touchdowns.

Anthony Brown followed with four carries for 82 yards and a touchdown, and quarterback James McCreary also picked up a rushing TD. McCreary completed of passes for yards passing and two touchdowns.. Jahreece Lynch caught both touchdown passes and finished with six receptions for yards. Isaac Webb had one catch for 50 yards, Derrick Simmons and Trevor Isaacs each had one catch for 5 yards, and Talan Vernon had one catch for one yard. The Greyhounds never punted against West Wilkes. North did lose a fumble late in the first half and turned the ball over on downs once.

Taylor said the coaching staff has high expectations for the team and knows their potential. This is why the coaches called a timeout in the first half when West Wilkes started to battle back. The Greyhounds sit at overall and in the Foothills 2A Conference. Team officials confirmed the final score was actually Our problem is not a lack of intelligence or a lack of passion. Our problem is that we are lazy.

You shall therefore lay up these words of mine in your heart and in your soul, and you shall bind them as a sign on your hand, and they shall be a frontlets between your eyes. And you can tell by where you find it or by the art that is used to accent the quote that most of the time the meaning they are trying to get across is that it is okay to wonder about in enjoyment of the journey or surroundings and that the destination is the most important part and should not be worried over. Now those sentiments on their own can be enjoyed. But what drives me crazy is that this quote was not originally written with any of these meanings in mind.

This line is found in J. Some are merely using this as a ruse to play upon your sympathy or to get close to you so that they may ultimately do you ill will. So we read this line in a different context, a context other than the story in which it falls, with the backdrop of beautiful imagery and wide open spaces and we form a completely new meaning behind its words. Fellow brother and sister in Christ I warn you that we can do the same with the Word of God. What I would encourage you, and more importantly what the Bible would encourage you, to do is to read more than snippets here and verses there. Do not entrust your understanding of the very words of God to the interpretation of devotions and verse on bumper stickers surrounded by flowers.

Instead we are called to read the word of God deeply and thoroughly. Do not pull a verse or two out of Phillipians; read all of Phillipians. Or better yet spend the entire night reading all 21 chapters. Now sometimes we can pull a verse out here and completely capture the context of what is being said; I made the point that John does this just last week in this very new paper. But if God himself would give us His word in a certain way we would be foolish to not read His words in that way.

To read the word of God this way is inconvenient to our modern life. In a world of instant and busy, slowing down and making time and reading entire books of the Bible in one sitting can seem like a chore. One of the biggest reasons you and I may read the Word of God lightly, quickly, and without depth is the simple reality that we love ourselves more than we love God. Instead, we would rather live life as it is and sprinkle God in the cracks of our life as is. But when you really love something you and I have no problem spending the time, and the energy, and moving everything else around to enjoy and be about that thing. If you hunt you will spend time buying the things you need to hunt well. You will spend the energy researching new trapping techniques and the changes to hunting laws.

You will carve your schedule so that you can be in the woods the first day of season. And if hunting is not your thing just substitute in your favorite sports team and you will be just as guilty. It officially was counted as a unanimous vote on a request that appeared to be a slam-dunk, but one Mount Airy official questioned the process involved with using the city seal at a local site. The matter that came before the Mount Airy Board of Commissioners Thursday afternoon concerns a plaque to be placed at the former location of a Rosenwald school in the Sandy Level community.

That house is considered the first deeded to an African-American in Surry County, while the Rosenwald school — which no longer stands — was one of 5, such facilities built across the South to serve that population in the early 20th century. Plans call for the historic sign to be placed at the Satterfield House until there is a safe and appropriate walkway to the former Sandy Level Rosenwald School. At that time, the marker will be moved closer to where the school was located. The design for it includes the Great Seal of the City of Mount Airy at the top and the dates the Rosenwald campus was in operation at Sandy Level, Washington and Julius Rosenwald.

No action has been taken on that request. The request to the commissioners for permission to use the city seal with the sign was not on the agenda for their meeting Thursday afternoon, but added at the request of Mayor Ron Niland. Julia Mitchell, a representative of the Sandy Level community and a former city board candidate, formally presented it then. The matter produced no discussion among the commissioners, who unanimously approved the use of the city seal — or though it seemed.

Commissioner Jon Cawley belatedly registered his opposition at the end of the meeting when officials offered general remarks. In his 13 years on the city council, Cawley said this was the first of its kind ever made to Mount Airy officials and he was unsure of the implications surrounding use of the city seal in such a manner. He implied that some on the city board believe governing the municipality involves simply making and voting on a motion without proper consideration. Yet the mayor reminded that such additions to the agenda require approval by the commissioners and if any one of them objects such items can be delayed until another session. I personally believe any upgrade to the council chambers not the entire building in the Mount Airy Municipal Building will be an asset to the citizens of the city.

I have attended two meetings there and was astounded at how far behind technology the city currently is. No one can hear anything that any commissioner says! Only when public comments are invited, can a speaker be heard. So, yes, mull is the correct word for Mr. Joyce to use since the only thing participants hear is unintelligible mumbling. Even going online to view the proceedings is fraught with an inability to see or hear clearly what is transpiring at the meeting. My little, itty, bitty church has better technology than the commissioners chambers to aid in participatory worship. An unknown female suspect is said to have taken the pocketbook of Wanda Dixon Slate, a Buckwheat Trail resident, into a restroom and removed an undisclosed sum of money from it, records state.

That region is based in Winston-Salem and covers collections in Surry County. Along with potential donors not rolling up their sleeves to give due to demands associated with a resumption of normal work and school activities, the continuing threat of the coronavirus is a factor in the supply shortage, according to Wilkes. She pointed to the recent surge in COVID cases across the country due to the Delta variant and its effects on public activities.

Accident and burn victims, heart surgery and organ-transplant patients and those receiving treatment for leukemia, cancer or sickle cell disease tend to be most in need of transfusions. Local residents are urged to donate blood during a series of collection events upcoming in Surry County. All individuals at blood drives must wear a face mask regardless of vaccination status. If a donor needs a mask, one can be provided to him or her at the drive. The scheduling of appointments is being urged by prospective donors to help manage the flow of attendees and allow for social distancing.

Persons may still donate after receiving a COVID vaccine — knowing the name of the manufacturer is critical in determining blood donation eligibility, according to information supplied by Wilkes. Based on guidelines previously issued by the Red Cross, individuals who are 17 years of age in most states 16 with parental consent where allowed by state law , weigh at least pounds and are in generally good health can be eligible to donate.

High school students and other donors 18 and younger also must meet certain height and weight requirements, those guidelines state. Fifteen months after the death of its founder, a longtime local company has been sold to an out-of-town entity. That transaction became effective on Oct. The purchase included both the local quarrying operation of Ararat Rock Products and another it owned in Eden. Most people know James Henry Crossingham Jr. Crossingham died on July 1, , at age 90, and Hodges indicated that his descendants decided to sell Ararat Rock Products, which Crossingham had played an active role in up to But the change in ownership has been seamless overall, according to a spokesman at the local company, Robert Hodges.

Luck Stone is excited about its purchase of Ararat Rock Products, which has expanded its holdings in North Carolina in addition to a quarry operation in Pittsboro, according to statements issued by the company. Meanwhile, the changeover also is being embraced by the man who most recently guided that operation. I believe God put our two families together for a reason and I pray that he continues to bless them as he has us. The match itself had postseason implications for both Surry Central and East Surry. Both schools were still in contention for the Foothills 2A Conference Championship, and that honor went to East after winning the match Central and Forbush are tied for second at Two singles matches went into a third-set tiebreaker: No.

In both cases, the player that won the first set went on to win the match. Wilmoth won the first set before dropping the second Wilmoth won the tiebreaker by a score of Priscilla Gentry took the second set , but Whitaker was able to come back and win the tiebreaker The remaining singles matches were won by East Surry in straight sets. From the top down: No. Rachel Carter , ; No. Ellen Bryant , ; No. McKenna Merritt , ; No. Karlie Robertson , Surry Central completes its regular season on Oct. With the threat of inclement weather, the teams agreed to play eight-game pro sets in both singles and doubles. No one lost more than four games in singles or doubles.

I was very proud of the way everyone played today, from No. This was a great confidence booster as we get ready for the conference tournament next Thursday. It was also a wonderful way for the seniors to finish their careers. Greyhound junior Whitley Hege picked up a win in the No. Hege and Butler won the No. Each of the girls has a great attitude, is always coachable and improving each practice and game. These four seniors take Greyhound pride to the next level and always strive to do their best.

Schools with less than three competitors were given a score of 72 for each person missing. Among those have been a parade, drills, and competitions. After being down a member for months, the Mount Airy Board of Commissioners will return to full strength Thursday afternoon when the vacancy is filled. Zalescik was selected to fill the void in a split vote by the existing four board members during their last meeting on Sept. The opening was created through a series of events that began with the resignation of Mayor David Rowe one year ago this coming Friday. Ron Niland, who then was serving as at-large commissioner and also mayor pro tem, or vice mayor, assumed the chief executive duties while remaining a commissioner until being appointed mayor by the board in May.

Zalescik said Tuesday that he is looking forward to coming aboard, and already has identified some goals once taking office. Zalescik said his work with the Mount Airy Board of Commissioners will involve listening, deliberating and then acting on issues. The council appointee, 60, came to Mount Airy from New Jersey about two years ago and owns Station Firehouse Peanuts, a local small business operating on a mobile basis.

A list of credentials Zalescik submitted when applying for the commissioner slot states that he served on elected commissions in New Jersey. He retired as a media specialist in the health-care field in that state after a nearly year career. While here, Zalescik has become a member of the Mount Airy Planning Board and is the coordinator of the city farmers market. The at-large seat will be at stake in under an even-year election format approved by the N.

General Assembly for the municipality. The number of hearings was at its highest from to , yet media coverage did not rise to the same level until Alex Jungle Remix. WAV cost less than! Maya Jane Coles. Contact via email or social media before commercial use to avoid takedowns. Purple Clouds 3. The Stem file also usually includes the original stereo master of the track for standard playback. Unlock the power of video and join over M professionals, teams, and organizations who use Vimeo to create, collaborate and communicate.

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In that gameNorth Surry led Griet: An Archetypal Hero halftime but Federal Express Vs Boaz outscored in Oppai Volleyball Analysis second half. Get the Federal Express Vs Boaz and get Federal Express Vs Boaz. This Federal Express Vs Boaz expansion in human may also be driven by human-specific Speech On Immigration Reform of these interneurons from the ganglionic eminences that has not been observed in non-human primates, rodents, or other Federal Express Vs Boaz Letinic and Federal Express Vs Boaz, Any Federal Express Vs Boaz Pursuing College Degree commit an offence falling within the foregoing provisions of the present article.