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NYPD Case Study

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The roll-out to specialty units was completed by August Additionally, the executives responsible for leading all of the commands equipped with body-worn cameras were also issued cameras during this phase. Body-worn cameras are small battery-powered digital video cameras that police officers attach to their uniform shirts or winter jackets. Officers must manually activate the record function on the camera to begin recording. The recording capabilities of the cameras are consistent with the capabilities of human eyes and ears. In other words, the cameras are not capable of any enhanced recording capabilities such as night vision.

At the end of their shift, officers place their cameras in a docking station in their command. As part of their training, officers also, participate in role-play scenarios in order to acclimate themselves to the proper use of the cameras. The purpose of body-worn cameras is to record enforcement, investigative and other encounters between the police and the public. They provide a contemporaneous, objective record of these encounters, facilitate review of events by supervisors, foster accountability, and encourage lawful and respectful interactions between the public and the police.

The use of body-worn cameras has shown that cameras may help de-escalate potentially volatile encounters. The cameras may also provide important evidence in criminal and civil proceedings as well as resolving civilian complaints. To balance the goals of the body-worn camera program with privacy concerns, officers will not record all interactions with the public. Officers must record certain events, including:.

Officers may not record certain sensitive encounters, such as speaking with a confidential informant, interviewing a sex crime victim, or conducting a strip search. Officers must tell members of the public that they are being recorded unless the notification would compromise the safety of any person or impede an investigation. Any events for which recording is required must be recorded from start to finish.

If a member of the public asks an officer to turn off the camera, the officer may do so, but may continue recording if the officer thinks it unsafe or inadvisable to stop. Officers may not turn off the camera if a suspected perpetrator is still present on the scene. The NYPD will retain all video recordings for 18 months. Video of arrests and other significant incidents will be retained longer. In routine cases, officers will be allowed to view video before preparing reports and in preparation for a court proceeding. In officer—involved shootings, use-of-force cases, or when police misconduct is alleged, access to the video may be restricted and officers will only be able to view video at a time allowed by the supervisor in charge of the investigation.

This includes before making an official statement in the course of the investigation. The technology does not enable officers to edit or delete any video evidence. If a video captures evidence related to a criminal case, the NYPD will turn the video over to the prosecutor with jurisdiction over the matter. Prosecutors will provide video to the defendant s in accordance with criminal discovery laws. Your email required. Report a typo or grammatical error required. More Manhattan. Gun violence and kids: Shattered dreams, devastated families.

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