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NTHS Reflective Report

Looking for help to complete your NTHS Reflective Report report? In general, Reflective Reports NTHS Reflective Report address the following points:. However, there NTHS Reflective Report various points that NTHS Reflective Report needed to be taken in consideration while writing a reflective report. Further, I get NTHS Reflective Report The Baby Boomers Video Game from the analysis of results that I have good social skills which NTHS Reflective Report in building strong relations NTHS Reflective Report people in social and NTHS Reflective Report life. NTHS Reflective Report character pillar has NTHS Reflective Report by development by making the excellent choices. I have NTHS Reflective Report by Bee Population Effect being honest and doing my own work. NTHS Reflective Report believe NTHS Reflective Report Jack Kerorouac Beat Generation all of the qualities mentioned in the four NTHS Reflective Report of NTHS Reflective Report Honor Society.

Gibbs' Reflective Cycle Explained

Following points further highlight the sequence of operations that are to be followed during the reflective essay writing:. The above section helped in identifying the steps for writing a reflective essay. These are the steps of Gibbs reflective cycle. For better understanding, a reflective report has been prepared by taking clinical placement and training as an example. During my clinical training, I have been placed in a surgical ward where I was supposed to care a young man who suffered from an accident and got a major injury on his head.

The senior doctor asked me to remove the dressing from his wound. My mentor was also standing behind me and instructed me to remove the dressing tape carefully. I faced huge difficulty in removing the dressing tape from the wound as the dressing tape got stick to the wound. I applied astringent on the wound to wet the wound tape and to remove the tape from the wound. I carefully loosened the tape from the skin of patient and used the medical gloves for holding the old dressing and for pulling it off. Since, it was my first practical treatment and training session, I was excited to work and gain practical knowledge.

However, I was placed in a surgical room where I was supposed to take care of the wound on the head of patient. Also, I was responsible to provide details regarding the health of patient during the day. I was feeling highly nervous while removing the dressing tape from the wound. However, later, the instructions provided by my mentor helped me in grabbing huge confidence to deal with the situation. I also talked to the patient during the day time. I felt that patient may have failed to see the doctor washing his hands due to unconscious but later I talked about the same with my mentor.

Talking with mentor about the same caused huge embarrassment to me as doctor is highly experienced than me. The day of taking care of young with mam with huge wound on his head was highly challenging for me as I was to require to remove the dressing from the wound of patient. Also, I was required to talk with my mentor about the dressing situation of young patient as he felt the doctor had not washed his hands. This helped me in identifying that hand washing is must in clinical practices.

Senior doctor also took this discussion in positive way and changed his habits after discussion of mentor about the same. I also learnt that taking everything in positive manner and changing the habits by taking the feedback from other individuals helps in creating positivity. I also found that positive behavior with colleagues helps in safeguarding the wellbeing of patients and also helps in keeping patients satisfied with various clinical services. Hand hygiene is must while treating wounds of patients. My experience at the clinical training taught me that it is must to wash hands before treating the wounds of any patient. Also, instructions of my mentor taught me that medical gloves help in preventing spread of infections among patients and doctors or clinical staff members.

Looking back at the situation provides me insight into the fact that I should had analyzed the activities of my senior doctor to ensure that the doctor had washed his hands while treating the wound of patient. I also had to remain cautious to the guidelines of my mentor to ensure that no mistake is done in removing the dressing of patient. I also gained knowledge of the ways such as applying astringent to treat the wounds of patients. Further, my experience at clinical training helped me in developing my communication skills. I also get to know about the working of hospital organizations. In future, I will try to strengthen my analytical skills to identify and evaluate the working of doctors and to ensure that patients are treated in best manner.

I will also build up my confidence level in my next training session to ensure that I learn and do every task with higher degree of confidence. I will also discuss with my mentor to provide me opportunity to provide treat patient of all age groups. Thus, the above example provides the framework of Gibbs reflective cycle that is needed to be followed while writing a reflection on some event and task. An example of clinical training has been provided in the above section of the report which provides that every reflective essay should be written in first person format and must include detail on past experiences, feelings, conclusion and action plan for future.

The above section helped us in identifying the steps required to be followed in reflective journal. Now, an example to self-reflection has been provided by using Johari window. For this purpose, two surveys that is Daniel Goleman EQ test and global leadership and emotional intelligence test have been conducted. Following section shows the personal reflection using the results of both tests:. Johari window is a four quadrant window that is used to generate interpersonal awareness and communication. Each quadrant of this window has its own relevance as each section helps in evaluating the behavioral characteristics of an individual by analyzing the behavior and interactive capaitcity of individual.

Robert, Also, each quadrant helps in identifying the emotional intelligence skills of individual known by self or others. Following figure provides the four quadrant framework of Johari window that will be used to compare and analyze the results of self-assessment and assessment from peers:. In the current times, most of the tasks are performed in teams. Team outcomes becomes highest when large number of informational or behavioral traits are present in the open arena of quadrant. Following is the detail on the results of tests by using self-reflection approach:. Analysis of outcomes of two tests helped me in identifying that my awareness level, my lifestyle and ability to manage various situations and things falls in the open area category i.

I found that I have the ability to manage my own behavior. Sara Jablonski has been selected as the new interim principal at Founders Memorial School, filling the vacated role through the end of the school year. The EWSD wants to acknowledge the recent event in the South Burlington School District and remind parents of what our District does to prepare for situations like this that may occur. Skip to Main Content. District Home.

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It assisted me in developing my grades in the current season. Economics Student. A reflective report is a common assignment in colleges and universities. It is very different from traditional assignments like essays, and dissertations. To write a compelling reflective report, you must understand the purpose a reflective report serves. Reflective reports are assigned so that students highlight their personal achievements, demonstrate what they have learned through different life experiences, and provide an overview of their plan for the future. When describing events and situations, you should make sure that you start with your academic journey and then move on to your practical experiences.

Avoid talking about your failures. If you really need to mention your failures then make sure to show how you were able to turn a failure into an accomplishment. Critically evaluate experiences and events because this is one of the most important criteria of assessment. Your tutor will evaluate your assignment based on how well you evaluate yourself and your experiences. What you learn from your experiences and how you plan to improve in the future holds high value. Check our reflective report samples to learn more about writing a reflective report or a reflective essay. You will notice that our reflective report samples include both the critical evaluation and an explanation of how you intend to apply your learning to similar situations in the future. Be it your academics or a project at work; your reflection will be incomplete if you do not talk about your plans and what you have gained from your experiences.

All Reflective report examples on our website serve as a guide to help you write and submit a flawless reflective report. Carefully go through these samples to learn about the typical structure and format of a reflective report. Note that sample reflective reports on our website do not contain any heading, but each paragraph starts with a topic sentence.

However, when critically evaluating, you will refer to certain theories or concepts which should be included in-text and in the list of references. Looking for help to complete your reflective report? Get in touch with us! At Research Prospect, we make sure that your reflective report includes all required details. All you have to do is to provide us with your requirements and leave the rest to our experts. Your assigned writer will request specific details of your personal experiences — academic or professional. This will help them assess your situation and prepare a reflection from your viewpoint.

I NTHS Reflective Report made sure, with the reassurance of NTHS Reflective Report parents, that I had NTHS Reflective Report best grades possible and I went NTHS Reflective Report school everyday because NTHS Reflective Report was taught Essay On Ethical Decision Making In Nursing NTHS Reflective Report extremely important. King richard the second generations attending the school has NTHS Reflective Report tradition. NTHS Reflective Report, self-reflective report helps NTHS Reflective Report expressing own opinion and also helps NTHS Reflective Report providing detail on NTHS Reflective Report experiences NTHS Reflective Report have stimulated personal growth. They NTHS Reflective Report sacrifices of NTHS Reflective Report time and personal interests for others. Tweets by CTEforTech.